Best Dog Collars 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Blueberry Pet2. Illumiseen3. Custom Catch
Blueberry Pet Best Dog CollarIllumiseenCustom Catch

Shopping for your dog is just like shopping for your kid. There are many dog accessories available in the market out of which the best dog collars are a must buy. It is important for the safety and identification of your pet.

There are many different dog collars available in the market in varying price ranges. Most of them are attractive. However, you must buy the best dog collar that is not only good to look at, but serves its purpose well too.


If you are looking for a nice collar for your dog, then this guide will help you in making an informed decision. Here, you will know what factors you must consider while buying a dog collar. Also, there is a list of top 10 dog collars in the market with their features and benefits.

Top 10 Best Dog Collars 2020

1. Blueberry Pet

Blueberry Pet Best Dog Collar

This durable dog collar by Blueberry Pet comes in 22 solid colors to suit your taste. It is designed with high density webbed nylon to offer strength and comfort to your beloved pet. Blueberry Pet have used eco-friendly plastic for buckles with chrome coated metal D ring to make it durable.

This plain collar is the perfect pick for personalization, as you can put up your number and dog’s name on it for identification and extra safety. You can also buy matching harness, seat belt and leash separately if you wish to complete the look. Buy multiple sets and you will have different colors for special days.


  • Regular size to fit all
  • Nylon material for durability and comfort
  • Various colors to choose from
  • Adjustable length
  • Customized collars also available


  • Collar is non-stretchable

2. Illumiseen


Illumiseen has designed this comfortable illuminated collar to offer extra safety and visibility to the dog against vehicles. The collar is easily visible with its LED even in night. If you want to be extra cautious, then change the LED between steady, slow flashing and rapid flashing modes to make it more visible.

USB chargeable battery fitted in the collar can be used for 5 hours after every 1 hour of charging. This means that single charging can take you for multiple walks. It comes in various sizes and can be adjusted as required with user-friendly clip design.


  • Convenient charging with USB cable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Lightweight battery
  • Matching LED leashes available to complete the look
  • 5 hours battery support after each charge
  • Available in different sizes


  • Rechargeable battery may need replacement after long time use

3. Custom Catch

Custom Catch

This durable dog collar offered by Custom Catch made of soft leather can be personalized by engraving dog name and number on it. The collar is offered with customization option, on which you can have text and design of your choice. They also offer custom designs in the form of paws, heart and bones, which can be clubbed with the letters to make it more attractive.

It also offers customization of fonts to help you give it a personal touch. Adjustable collar comes in different size and color options to make it more vibrant. You will not have to worry about the broken tags once the details are permanently engraved on the collar.


  • Beautiful colors to offer you vivid choice
  • Adjustable collar in different sizes for comfortable fit for dogs of all sizes
  • Ships directly from USA with best quality assurance
  • Personalization is carried out well as per the instructions
  • Soft leather collar to give comfortable wearing experience


  • Be extra cautious while ordering, as personalized collars cannot be returned

4. Blueberry Pet

Blueberry Pet

This soft and durable collar is made of polyester to give it extra suppleness. The high-density polyester is strong enough to resist wear and tear caused by regular use. The nickel free D-ring is used along with eco-friendly plastic buckle to add extra strength.

The main attraction of this collar lies in its floral design and spring colors. There are more than twenty beautiful designs to choose from. Each collar design has matching leashes, harnesses and seat belts that you can buy separately to make your pet look adorable.

With about more than 600 laboratory tests, this collar from Blueberry is the perfect pick.


  • Beautiful floral design that works as instant mood booster
  • High-density polyester webbing for strength
  • Great colors for spring
  • Light weight
  • Adjustable length


  • Check the measurements correctly, as a tight collar can leave marks on your pet’s body

5. Country Brook Petz

Country Brook Petz

This martingale collar is soft to touch and can be used to control your pet without causing damage to its neck. It is made out of heavy-duty nylon material that will not allow your dog to slip out, and at the same time offer a gentle feel. The buckles and rings are made of -stainless steel and aluminum to give extra strength.

There are many beautiful colors to choose from and you can have the best combinations worked with metal rings. The nylon fabric used here is colored with colorfast dye that will not bleed even when the pet is sweating or gets wet in rain.


  • Made in USA with complete quality assurance
  • Made from webbed nylon for softness and strength
  • Ships quickly for faster delivery
  • More than 20 color choices
  • Water proof and soft
  • Suitable for training
  • Cheap price
  • Available in different sizes


  • Need to check measurement guide well

6. Black Rhino

Black Rhino

Ultra soft collar from Black Rhino has neoprene padding that will protect your dog’s neck from irritation even while playing or indulging in sports. The neoprene padding dries very fast and may not result into any type of odor and allergies. This heavy-duty collar is designed to fit all dog breeds.

This is a lightweight collar that is strong enough to control even the big size energetic dogs. Reflective stitching keeps your pet safe during day and visible during night walks. Vehicles may spot your pup easily in dark due to this reflective stitching.


  • Trendy design with amazing color combination
  • Neoprene padding for extra comfort and protection
  • Waterproof design
  • Reflective stitching for night time visibility
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Weatherproof


  • The buckle on the underside can cause rashes on your dog’s neck

7. Mile High Life

Mile High Life

This night reflective collar from Mile High Life is visible easily at nights when light falls on the same. The collar strap is made of webbed nylon with 3M reflective material, which makes it durable and visible. It is fitted with strong buckle and gunmetal D ring that is easy to handle.

Available in multiple colors, this dual band collar will be loved by your dog too. The lightweight collar is the ideal choice for long walks anytime of the day. The major advantage of this reflective webbing is that you don’t need to charge it regularly.


  • 3M Reflective webbing to give night time visibility
  • Webbed nylon to offer strength and durability
  • Gunmetal D ring
  • Available in different colors and sizes


  • Many loosen if buckle not properly fitted

8. Dog Karma

Dog Karma

This is a real style statement. The American Flag design collar will be an instant attention grabber among your friends and families. Show your patriotism and make your loved pup show it too!

This durable collar made from webbed polyester material is strong enough to control all types of dogs. Heavy duty D ring is made of zinc alloy and has reflective logo to make it visible during night times. The plastic buckle is easy to close and has quick release feature that protects your dog against chocking.


  • 5 different sizes to fit all sizes of dogs
  • Classic American Flag design in different patterns
  • All widths to make your pet look patriotic as per its size
  • Quick release buckle to avoid choking


  • Properly put on the buckle to avoid loosening

9. CollarDirect


This flexible dog collar is made of soft reflective webbed nylon. As available in all sizes, this collar from CollarDirect is a good fit for all types of dogs and puppies. Measure the dog neck with soft tape and keep the margin of 1 inch to find the exact size for your dog.

It is available in different colors and has reflective stitching that makes it visible at nights. The soft nylon is washable and can be cleaned easily if stained or smelling. Eco-friendly side buckle can be released quickly if required, and it comes with a safety lock with carbon coated D ring.


  • Matching leashes available
  • Available in all sizes
  • Reflective collar for night time visibility
  • Reasonable price
  • Available in multiple color options
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Suitable for daily use


  • Check measurements properly before ordering, as tight collar can cause discomfort to your pet

10. Tuff Pupper

Tuff Pupper

Heavy duty collar from Tuff Pupper is really tough to rip or fray. It is made from 3mm thick nylon that lasts multiple washes and most wear and tear. The steel buckle used in this collar gives full control on the dog in all situations. This wide collar fits even the most energetic dogs without any fear of slipping out.

This reflective collar comes with padding to protect the dog’s neck even when it applies maximum pull during anxious moments. The 3M reflective stitching is visible even in dim lights.


  • Comes with money back guarantee
  • Multiple sizes and colors available
  • Strong enough to control big dogs
  • Soft on your dog’s neck
  • Reasonable price
  • Attractive look


  • Check the sizing guide properly before ordering

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Dog Collars

While looking for the best collars for dogs, you might definitely be overwhelmed by the designs and colors available out there. Each collar will have its own pros and cons that will end up confusing you even more.

Being a dog owner, you will look only for a safe and comfortable collar that will also have the color and design of your choice. However, we have found a list of factors that would really guide your selection according to different parameters:

1. Material

Material plays an important part in selecting a dog collar for your pet. There are only few standard materials used in making the dog collars, all having their own pros and cons. The material selection should be made after weighing these pros and cons properly. The common materials used are –


Nylon is one of the most common materials used in making some of the best dog collars available out there. These are the most popular dog collars, since they have a lot of advantages over others. Nylon dog collars come in different designs and patterns.

For those having trouble deciding, Nylon is the safest choice to go with, since it is inexpensive, easy to use, and available in a large variety of colors for your pet to move in style.

It’s not all on the plus side though; it can get smelly over time and your dog may even have an allergy or sensitivity to nylon, but those are uncommon cases. Another downside for being cheaper than the others is that it does not last as long as other materials that we will be moving on to.


Ah, the good old classic, leather. Leather is best for dogs that have allergies or that are sensitive to some materials, since leather is very breathable and a natural material. Leather is also very durable and would last for years.

But leather is very expensive compared to other dog collars, and thus is not a viable option for many people. Again, you need to care for this collar more than the synthetic ones, as these collars are prone to easy damage if not taken care of properly.

Following the cleaning tips is very important when using a leather collar for your dog. You can also keep this collar for special occasions and switch to synthetic waterproof options when indulging in water sports.


Neoprene is a rubber and nylon composite that is a waterproof material. If your dog spends a lot of time in water, then this is the best option, since it dries in an instance. It is even the most comfortable material for making dog collars.

Neoprene, with its expensive base materials, makes it very soft on the skin and it usually comes with padding for extra comfort.


Chain collars are not advisable to be worn on a regular basis. These collars are used for training purpose only, and are not good for cold regions. They are durable, odor-free and almost maintenance free.

These collars are mainly used to train stubborn dogs. One should be aware of its proper usage before using it for the dog, as little carelessness may cause a big damage to the dog. Not good for the unattended dogs, as they may end up choking themselves.

If you don’t feel the need to use these collars for training, then go for other heavy duty options that are designed to train dogs.

Faux Leather

Faux leather is artificial leather that looks like leather, but is cheaper and easier to maintain. It is quite cheap and can be a good choice to make a fashion statement. These collars are not good for everyday use, as they may cause allergy and discomfort when put on for long durations.

This inexpensive collar is available in various colors and designs. They are good for vegans, as they look just like leather without harming any animals. The color used for dying these collars may not be fast enough and may bleed when wet.

Hence, use it only for fashion and remove once you are done with that special occasion. It also breaks very fast as compared to the real leather.

2. Water Resistance

Water resistance may not be on your list while looking for the best dog collars, but it actually makes a lot difference. The material used for a water proof dog collar may remain dry in all seasons. It is the best thing to have in monsoons, as your pet will not be bothered with that wet collar anymore.

Waterproof collar will not just resist water, but will also resist bacteria. If your pet is not comfortable wearing this waterproof collar in all seasons, then use it for summer sports and rainy days. It is also the best thing to have for water sports.

It remains dry in all conditions, and that is the reason why it is mostly odorless. If you use a water proof collar, then the instances of replacement and breakage will be less.

3. Size

Size is an important factor while choosing a dog collar. The best collar would be the one that fits your dog perfectly. Most of these dog collars are available in all sizes and can be adjusted to fit any size puppy or full size dog.

Some dog collars are available in universal size and can be adjusted to certain extent. If you have a very small size puppy or a big size dog, then this universal size collar will not be the right choice. Check if it will really fit your pet and ask question in case of confusion.

Correct size ordering is very important if you are planning to opt for a personalized dog collar too, as it is not possible to return the same. If you are not sure about the correct size, then measure your dog’s neck with a measuring tape. Using a shoe string and ruler would also do the trick.

Measure the circumference of the dog’s neck near the collar bone. This is the place where your dog will actually wear the collar. Adding two inches to the circumference will give you the exact size.

While putting this collar on your dog, make sure that you can easily slide two fingers between the collar and the dog neck. This will ensure that the collar is fit enough to not allow your dog to slide out of the belt and at the same time loose enough to not choke your dog.

4. Color And Design

When we talk about the color of the dog collar, we not just mean choosing the right color that looks good on your dog, but it is also about selecting a good color quality that is fast enough to not bleed. If the color is not fast, then it will start bleeding when your dog is sweating or when it is indulged in water sports. The color bleeding will be apparent on your dog’s fur, and sometimes it will also result in allergies.

Color fading is another problem that is very common with dog collars. For those washing the collar on regular basis, it is more of a common problem. Using harsh soaps and detergents on the dog collar is not recommended.

Nylon collars are more prone to color bleeding as compared to real leather ones. If you are ready to spend a good money, then real leather dog collar will be the best choice.

5. Buckles

The best dog collars are not decided by their buckles, but deciding the right buckle is still very important. The best buckles are not the ones that look good and are great to touch, but these buckles are the ones that are easy to use and may last long.

The plastic buckles made from eco-friendly plastic are preferred due to ease of operation. These buckles can be put on or removed very easily, and that’s the reason more and more people want this type of buckle. However, if your dog loves to chew the strap or is the one who would like to pull the strap with full energy, then plastic buckle is not good, as it will break eventually.

Metal buckles are solid and would be strong enough to take the blow. These buckles can take the blow and will remain the same in all climates. Unlike plastic buckles, these buckles will not get brittle in cold temperatures, or even when the sun exposure is at its full.

6. Collar Design

With the best dog collar brands hiring reputed designing experts to design pet collars, it has been observed that beautiful designs and patterns are being introduced in this segment. The plain solid color collars have always been the top favorite, but there are many other designs making a mark. This includes LED collars that illuminate in the night to make the pet more visible.

There are special chain collars that are also known as Training Collars, but these collars need to be used with little precaution to avoid causing damage to the dog.

Tips To Maintain Dog Collar

Once you have sourced the best collar for your dog, it is equally important to keep it clean. As dogs are active whole day through, they will sweat and also come in contact with dirt and dust.

Here are some simple cleaning tips that will keep the collar odor-free and also protect its color from fading away due to multiple washes. Following this cleaning routine will increase the life of the dog collar considerably:

  • For synthetic collars, use gentle dog shampoo and water solution. Soak the collar in it for about 15 minutes and then brush it gently to remove all stains on the collar. If you do it regularly or as often as you wash your dog, the chances of getting permanent odor and smell are less.

You can also use the solution of 2 teaspoons of vinegar and baking soda along with water to remove odor from the collar.

  • For leather collars, it is recommended that you don’t soak it in soapy solution, as it will damage the leather in the long run. Instead dip a toothbrush or any gentle brush in the soap solution and rub the collar to clean it.

Don’t leave it wet for a long time, and dry it immediately after cleaning. Dry it with towel first and then let it dry completely in air away from direct sunlight. Treated leather collar is easier to maintain compared to the untreated leather collar.

FAQs on Dog Collars

1. What Is The Best Material For Dog Collar?

Nylon is one of the most durable materials used for making dog collars. It is waterproof and less prone to breaking and tearing as compared to pure leather. Nylon is comfortable and can be used in all seasons as it is waterproof.

However, leather is better if your dog is prone to allergies. Pure leather is soft on the dog’s neck, but it is an expensive choice!

2. Is My Pup Ready To Wear Dog Collar?

If your pup is involved in outdoor activities, then it is time to get a dog collar. For very small puppies that have not finished their shots yet, it is not recommended to take them out. Hence, these puppies will remain indoors all the time and may not require any collar till they start going out.

Even if you are using dog collar for your small puppy, then make sure that it is used only while outdoors to protect its delicate skin.

3. Are Dog Collars Used During Night As Well?

Dogs will usually stay indoors at night, and hence it is recommended that they don’t wear a collar at night. This will allow their delicate skin to breathe as recommended by vets. It is also good to rotate the collar regularly to ensure that it doesn’t hurt the neck and still fits well.

If at all your dog would be wearing the collar day and night, make sure that you only make it wear a comfortable collar made from skin friendly material. Even if using a collar at night, avoid using heavy and tight collars during night.

4. How Many Times One Should Change Dog Collar?

There is no set rule to change the dog collar, but still it is recommended that you change it regularly. Keep an eye on the collar and inspect it frequently.

  • Change it when it doesn’t fit the neck well.
  • If you find any wear and tear on the collar, then it is time to change.
  • Clean the collar regularly, however if the odor and stains are not removed, then go for a new one.
  • Rotate the collar to check the fitting. It should not be too fit to make your dog uncomfortable and not too loose to let it slip out.

5. Will My Dog Feel Comfortable Wearing A Dog Collar?

Dog collar is a necessity and not a choice. You need to find the correct fit for your dog to make it comfortable. Once the dog collar fits your dog well, it is going to become a habit and there won’t be any major problem wearing it.

Dogs that start liking the dog collar would wear it all times without any discomfort. Normally, dogs wear this collar at all times except during nights when their skin needs to breathe.

You can follow the size guide given with the products to find the exact size. Always make sure that the collar is put on such that there is space for 2 fingers to slide beneath. This will ensure that the collar is not very tight to the dog and not very loose to allow it to slip through.

Make Your Dog Feel The Breeze With The Best Dog Collars

Dog collars may add to the looks of your puppy, but the two things that really make a difference are – SAFETY and COMFORT! The main idea behind a dog collar is to protect and control your dog. It should not make your dog feel uncomfortable as it will be wearing this dog collar most of the time. There are many factors that together work towards making the dog collar comfortable and safe for your dog.

While the factors like color, design and buckle are important to make the initial selection, the real comfort depends on the size, material and strength of the collar. Following the size guide well and caring for the collar regularly will make your dog feel comfortable in its dog collar all the time. Don’t compromise on the quality and size, as these factors will decide the wellness of your dog with the dog collar on!

However, don’t let your dog wear it during night to allow it to feel the air. We have researched the subject from various angles and have checked with experts to find the best dog collars for your loyal friends.

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