Best Dog GPS Trackers 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Whistle2. Cube3. Findster Duo+
Whistle Go Best Dog GPS TrackerCubeFindster Duo+

Being a dog owner is not easy; it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Loving and being around your pet dog, playing and feeding is not enough; as you need to ensure their safety and security as well.

It is quite natural that you take your dog out for walks, for medical checkups, dog shows or many other places. However, it is important that your dog is always safe and is always around your proximity.


Still, sometimes it so happens that in spite of your sincere and diligent effort, you lose out on track of your dog. Not only in outings, but many pets have dire tendencies of exploring surroundings, running out for adventures, and that is the reason why as a responsible dog owner you must buy the best dog GPS tracker.

With a GPS tracker, you can easily track and ensure your pet’s location even if he leaps out of your sight.

According to the survey and study of the American Humane Association, more than 10 million pets get stolen or lost every year.So, buy the best dog GPS tracker which has features like activity and location tracking.

This article provides useful buying tips, FAQs and other related essential information about this accessory. We have tried to cover all the factors including best quality, budget friendly, user friendly, quality, best tracker function ability and ratings available on ecommerce portals. Let us begin with the list of top few GPS trackers for dogs.

Top 10 Best Dog GPS Trackers 2020

1. Whistle

Whistle Best Dog GPS TrackerThis advanced Pet GPS tracker is also integrated with live tracking mechanism, since it uses AT&T nationwide network along with Google maps, to offer you exact and instant location of your pet.

Register the safe places in tracker app and get immediate notification through mail or report whenever your dog is out from that safe location with Whistle Go Explore. This tracker comes with minimum 24-hour timeline where you can get detailed sequential report of all the activities including walking, playing running, sleeping, etc. of your furry friend.

Whistle Go Explore allows you to set goals based on your pets demographic, geographic and health factors like health, weight, height etc. Even you can also set all your custom reminders like vet visits, med, feeding sessions, bath sessions and so on.

This is an IPX7 certified waterproof gadget built to sustain mud water or snow delves of your dog for 30 minutes with a submersion of 1M.


  • Waterproof, lightweight yet sturdy
  • Comes with inbuilt night lamp to ease night walks Reliable battery life


  • No web interface linked.
  • Does not provide early notification of pet’s movement beyond safe zone

2. Cube

CubeCube has introduced smart and easy Bluetooth syncing technology in its Key Finder Smart Pet Tracker. All you need to do is sync the Cube tracker by pairing it with your Smartphone using in built Bluetooth connectivity. This is in fact a multifunctional tracker for your pet and also for essential belongings which you often misplace, like a key chain, mobile phone and more.

The easiest way to use the tracker is just TAG, PING and FIND.Packed with multiple features like IP67 waterproof built, map location, selfie remote, phone finder, crowd find and replaceable batteries., it is a pretty intuitive and smart deal within a pocket friendly budget range. You can even fetch it by saving on your pocket money.


  • Replaceable battery
  • Multifunctional tool which can be used even for belongings
  • Absolutely affordable


  • Bluetooth offers a definite range of locating facility

3. Findster Duo+

Findster Duo+Findster Duo+ comes with advanced MAZE technology which eliminates the need for any subscription or any extra fees for you need no SIM card or cell coverage to operate this gadget.

A Findster Care Annual Membership covers 24*7 monitoring of your pet by an expert vet throughout the year, including activities, feeding guidance, and wellbeing, etc.

Findster Duo + comes with true real-time tracking as well as pro activity monitoring gadget. The furry friend can be tracked upto 3miles of range but that is also dependent on external environment and climatic conditions.


  • Operates smoothly even out of your State or out of the grid
  • Comes with a design which is waterproof and shock resistant as well


  • Does not offer indoor monitoring or remote monitoring
  • Not suitable for puppies as per the manufacturer’s instruction.

4. Tracki 2020 Model Mini

Tracki 2020 Model MiniAs the name suggests Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real Time tracker you get what they pitch for like its size and weight is as low as 1.26 ounce which is 30 times less if compared to other trackers available in the market.

The Company offers an international sim card as well with the product which works worldwide including throughout US and Canada, as well as in 185 more countries.

With this amazing gadget it works like magic to keep track on not only your loving pet member but simply anything like your car, ATVs, spouses, children, employees, business assets, etc.

This comes in a compact and sleek design. One of the added advantages is that it has a rechargeable battery which reduces any additional expense on getting new battery every time.

The gadget boasts a revolutionary hybrid tech edge with a combined usage of GPS/Wi-Fi/ GSM as well as Bluetooth technology. Enhance settings to obtain speed alerts, SOS and location change notifications via emails or sms. Even you can get 5 years history reports if required.


  • Offers reliable and accurate real time tracking
  • Tracki has a great reputation for good customer support
  • The gadget operates even if GPS is not working
  • Battery lasts for 2-3 days in Real-Time tracking mode


  • Subscription fees is comparatively higher

5. Cube Pro Key Finder Smart

Cube Pro Key Finder SmartWith Cube Pro Key Finder Smart Tracker it is indeed difficult to lose a thing or your pet. It is similar to cube tracker mentioned above. For all you need to do to keep a thing in track is to tag, then ping, and find. Cube Pro Bluetooth tracker helps you to track your pet with the help of cube search community.

Simple Bluetooth pairing does the trick for you with Cube Pro Key Finder Smart Tracker which you can pair with your smart phone and you can find your dog or even small essential possessions like keys, phone, purse or umbrella, etc.

The advantage of this tracker is you can find all your essentials even if the app is not working with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. This waterproof, small and compact device is designed not only for your little essentials but also to survive sub zero temperatures as well.


  • Battery needs to be replaced only once in a year
  • Extra battery comes with the product
  • Via CUBE app, the gadget will ring, vibrate or flash even on silent mode
  • Can track even the last known location out of Bluetooth range with Cube Tracker application
  • Separation alarm is one of the intriguing features
  • Volume is higer


  • For optimum functioning, phone Bluetooth must be on
  • Drains phone quite fast

6. Petfon Pet

Petfon PetPetfon pet tracker is an advanced tracker which effectively uses GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and essential wireless technologies. You can get a real time location of your pet using this device.

Though the price of the device is on the higher side compared to other products but owning this device can make your strolling, vet visits, relaxing and tension free.

The Petfon tracker comes with a pet friendly design, small and compact which is easy for a small puppy or a grown up dog to carry. Hassle free tracking range in urban areas is up to .65 miles and 3.5 miles in rural open environments.

The iOS app allows you to set a secure E-Zone and whenever your pup is out of that range you get immediate alarm. You can also switch on tracker lights, use custom recordings as ringer.


  • Hassle free set up
  • PetFon offers 30-day money-back guarantee as well as one-year warranty
  • Comes with waterproof coating
  • Offers a battery charge can lasts upto 8 – 16 hours
  • Recordable voice allows you to commute remotely with your pup


  • App lacks to sync with any other operating system apart from only iOS capable
  • Battery life is comparatively short of 8-16 hours.
  • There can be inaccurate positioning of data due to delay in wifi network.
  • This can work on wet weather but doesn’t work in the swimming pool or under water.
  • No indoor tracking or remote monitoring available

7. Camlinbo

CamlinboIntegrated with BT 4.0 technology Camlinbo Smart GPS Tracker connects with Android, iPad, iOS and mostly all smart phones. Small and handy this can be used in a versatile way as a pet tracker as well as in luggage, car, wallet, keys etc. The remote button helps to access the tracker within a range of 100ft. and you receive voice notifications about your lost items.

The product comes in a pack of four which means you can use it for your entire pet family or in your kid’s school bag, cars, keys, phones, wallets etc. We mean you can use this device on anything and everything that you misplace or lose.

If you are at a distance more than 100 ft then the notifications you receive directly on your phone. Then you won’t get any voice notifications. Small and compact design allows you to use this for any purpose.


  • Multifunctional use which includes anti-lost alarm, remote control self-portrait, or as GPS tracking device
  • Syncs seamlessly with multiple operating systems


  • App does not perform up to the mark

8. PetFon

PetFonPetfon PET Tracker comes with the latest GPS and tracker technologies like GPS, Bluetooth, long-distance transmission technology, Big Data Interface and Wi-Fi to offer accurate tracking results.

The device uses Google big data interface to offer location updates, however the problem which comes up is that Google takes time to offer updates due to weak network services which can vary accurate location tracking, that is real time tracking.

PetFon has designed the tracker with hassle free control, highly durable construct, smart feature packed, as well as waterproof. The GPS Tracker mobile app is seamless to install and use.

Even more the speaker of the device is also pretty powerful which you can not only use as a ringer but also to commute by your recorded voice with your pet as well.


  • Powerful speaker emitting up to 70 decibels of sound
  • Battery life offer steady use up to 8-16 hours
  • Multiple recharge unit is also available, ideal for weekend outings
  • Device comes with colorful tracking light for easy tracking in low light environment


  • Not much suitable for real time tracking as it can get affected due to delayed network service

9. Garmin T5

Garmin T5The Garmin T5 GPS dog collar is a highly sensitive and high end GPS tracker which is available only in collar and not in tags. It can locate your dog’s location within a range of up to 9 miles away.

Apart from advanced GPS technology, the device also integrates GLONASS, which is a typical Russian GPS version. The device is also different and unique for it has two antennas to offer highly sensitive coverage.

Garmin is a well known brand in the market of dog GPS trackers and in this Garmin tracker you also have added features like the rescue mode and beacon lights which elevate its overall functionality.

Moreover, the device has ATM water rating of 11, which means even if your buddy jumps into water the device will be smoothly working. It also projects amazing range of battery life of up to 20 to 40-hours.


  • No monthly subscription is required
  • Sturdy, waterproof and durable
  • The device comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery


  • Requires another handheld device so as to functionally operate it

10. Garmin Astro 430T

Garmin Astro 430TGarmin Astro is a new generation tracker mainly used for sports dog or the dogs which are used for special security and tasks. It is indeed a powerful tracker with a capacity of tracking up to 20 dogs at a time within a range of 9miles.

Keeping up with the specialty of Garmin tracking devices, even this pick integrates GPS and Glonass technologies for high sensitive tracking performance.

The device is designed to offer pro edge with preloaded mapping including the topo of U.S., 100K mapping as well as exclusive 1year comprehensive Birdseye satellite imagery subscription completely free.

There is yet another integrated feature called hunt metrics which shows you detailed report and data analysis of the dog’s distance traveled, play time afield and other activities.

This allows the owners to train the dogs more effectively by tracking behavior, patterns and performances. Though a bit expensive, yet this is one of the most demanded trackers in the market which comes with sensitive tracking technology.


  • Extensive battery life
  • Power packed features with high sensitive tracking
  • Hunt metrics available
  • 2.5second update rate which is twice as fast if compared to its predecessors


  • Expensive

How Does A GPS Pet Tracker Work?

A GPS pet tracker operates as a simple tracker and performs the function of tracking the dog’s activity and whereabouts. There are basically 3 different kinds of tracker available in the market. They are either connected via Bluetooth, Radio or with a GPS chip which works as a tracker to acquire the exact location of your dog.

You can link the chip with your email, smartphone via cell coverage and whenever your furry dear is out of your sight you can immediately track his location. Mostly, the chip relates to an app available either in Android or IOS, which shows the location of those naughty paws on a map.

These trackers linked to your Smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi and also a base station so that reaching out to your loving pet is fast and easier. Some of these advanced trackers can also be used as the technology to monitor your dog’s routine activities, sleeping patterns, etc.

For added ease of use and functionality, integrating a microchip in the GPS tracker collars can be a great way of storing all your dog’s information along with the method of tracking his position.

If you have a little puppy or even a grown up furry buddy in your house, don’t wait until those pulsating moments have arrived when your dog is out of your reach, but get a dog GPS tracker today itself.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Dog GPS Tracker

As safety of your pet is crucial, we need to consider all the key factors before purchasing any tracker. Every pet parent has a different need based on the location, availability and the lovely furry friend.

All tracking units have their own unique and special features. Tracking gadgets may be designed with similar technologies but can vary vastly in terms of functionality, durability, accuracy of performance and so on.

Therefore, when the deal is about the safety of your pet, the adorable furry friend, you cannot afford to take chances with just any buy. Therefore, we have come up with a list of the most essential factors which needs to be considered when you intend to invest in the best dog GPS tracker.

1. Types Of Tracker

There are 3 types of trackers: Cellula, Radio and Bluetooth.

Cellular GPS trackers essentially use cellular data and towers in order to track the current location of the device. Moreover, as it transmits the signal from cellular towers, it sends notification on your phone.

Therefore, these devices can offer great service anywhere and everywhere where there is good cellular network. Though these devices need you to get a monthly subscription in order to avail the cellular network, yet these are quite effective when you are seeking real time tracking.

The benefit of real time tracking is best possible with cellular tracker. You can get an active and fast service if the network you receive is strong from the tower. Regarding the subscription fee, it is worth it and as we know every good thing comes at a price.

Radio trackers use similar technology like that of walkie-talkie. These are affordable tracking devices which are great for use in rural or remote areas . Moreover, it is affordable since it cuts down on the subscription requirement and pocket friendly. This covers a range of 6 to 10miles which is more than other any trackers.

Bluetooth devices as the name signifies use Bluetooth connectivity to connect the device with your phone. One of the drawbacks of this technology is that it does not offer a great range. The device loses its connectivity if the Bluetooth goes out of range. These are cheaper, but reliable only for usage within your premises.

2. Accuracy

You essentially seek for best GPS tracker for dogs in order to avail real time tracking of your pet and its activities, whereabouts and more. when your dog is out of your sight, runs away or so on. In order to ensure that your tracker offers you accurate real time location read through consumer reviews.

Most cellular trackers offer quite exact location updates, however some might vary a few seconds or two to three minutes. In other words, most of the trackers provide exact location details with a +- of some seconds.

Make sure to go through customer reviews, which are mentioned below the product. You can also check the rating of a particular product before you decide to buy.

3. Collar or Tag

One of the most important thing to decide whether you want a collar or tag for your dog? Due to technology advancement you can get lightweight, small, handy products in the market.

Again other tracking devices are designed in the form of a compact entire collar. Now while tags are commonly lightweight, just like key rings this can easily get detached or lose from the collar. On the other hand, tracking devices designed as collar that you simply tie on your pet’s neck.

The advantage of tracking collar is it doesn’t get detached by itself unless you decide to remove it. Tags are good for the puppies or smaller breeds as the collar would be very heavy for them to carry.

4. Waterproof

Like us humans, sometimes dogs have love for water. They too love swimming. Does your dog too loves swimming, mud smacking or playing in the rain? If yes, then go for waterproof devices.

Nowadays almost every GPS tracker comes with waterproof feature. Check for points like how much mm submersion in water is allowed or how long the tracker can stay in water etc before you purchase a device.

5. Durability

Durability in terms of a sturdy built, weather protective design, good quality material is important when you are choosing best dog GPS tracker. Dogs are naturally playful and active in nature, and you never know where they jump into, or roll over, so you need a durable tracker.

6. Activity Tracking

Some of the advanced trackers come with integrated technologies which not only allows you to track the real time location of your dog, but even his activities including sleeping schedules, playful activity periods, calorie burn, etc.

This is useful for working pet parents who hardly get enough time to spend with their pet members and sometimes even fail to keep a watch on their daily activities, food timings, etc

Dogs need a lot of activity to stay happy, and this is why as a responsible pet owner it is important that you take heed of your dog’s routine feeding habits, activity, calorie burning as well as intake, etc.

To do this, you need to keep a track which is not possible for you to do physically as you are engaged in different tasks. In such a set activity tracking mode on your advanced GPS tracker and get to know the routine schedule of your dog, even while sitting in your office.

7. Geo Zones

Peace of mind is not possible when your dog is out of reach or sight. Your dog might move around your lawn, in your backyard, step into your neighbor’s lawn but you know that he is in a definite safety zone where there is no risk of being lost if you are a proud owner of tracker which has Geo Zone activity in it.

This is what you can feed into some of the advanced tech best dog GPS trackers that is you can set a ‘safe zone’ for your pet.

Once your dog is out of that boundary you will get an auto generated notification as well as you can track the real time or last tracked location of your dog. This is quite useful if you dog is prone to slipping through narrow escapes.

When you are getting such a tracker with safe zone enabling feature, you must also check if it allows you to set a single safe zone or multiple safe zones.

8. Size

You need to check on the weight and size of the GPS tracker. Wearing anything which is heavier than their size, your dog can get irritated.

It can defer from his routine activities, make him lazy, etc. since most GPS collar weigh around 9 to 10 pounds, which is definitely not a suitable pick for smaller breed of dogs. Thus, consider the size of your pet dog before deciding the GPS product

FAQs on GPS Trackers for Dogs

1. What’s The Difference Between A Microchip And A Gps Dog Tracker?

A microchip stores data, it saves essential information about your pet, its breed, age, health records, and your contact details etc.

A vet or shelter worker can easily scan your dog, and from the microchip they can derive essential information and your contact details in order to inform you about your dog. Now microchips essentially differ from collars or tags since they are implanted in your dog, which means there is less risk of your dog losing it anywhere.

On the other hand, GPS trackers, perform a completely different function while compared to microchips. . With a tracker you can locate your pet if he is out of the safe zone, has run away or is lost. You cannot acquire any information but only real time location of your pet or the last tracked location.

2. Is Downloading An App To Use A Gps Dog Collar Essential?

Yes you need to download the app either on your Android phone or Apple to get notified of all the activity and walking of your pet. If your tracker is Bluetooth facilitated then downloading an app is not required as Bluetooth doesn’t need the app to be on your phone.

3. Who Should Buy GPS Dog Tracker Or Collar?

You could be pet owner who has a busy schedule and finding difficult to keep a watch on your dog all the time. This can be a cause of great worry .

If you go through statistics you can see there is a huge numberof dogs who get lost, stolen or runaway every year. When they do not find their way back home, it is painful for owner and the pet both. Therefore to ease your tension GPS tracker serves your purpose.

Even if your dog gets lost along with a tracker then the rescuer can scan the device and get in touch with you and return your best friend.

Whether you have added new family pet member, or you have shifted to a new place where your dog might not be well-acquainted with roads and lanes, etc, having a dog tracker collar or tag for your dog is of course the smartest way of caring for your dog. . You can get the best dog GPS tracker as per your comfortable budget line.

If your dog already has a collar which you don’t want to replace as well you can get a simple tracker tag. But if you need all new collars, it is better to get a dog GPS tracker collar that will be integrated with advanced tracking technologies.

Invest In Gps Tracker For The Safety Of Your Loving Dog

Buying a dog GPS tracker is definitely worthy an investment if you are a caring and responsible owner. However here in this article you have come across a wide and variant range of GPS trackers suitable for various pocket sizes and functionalities.

You can have elaborate trackers offering real time location, so that you can always have the string in your hand.

When you have decided to buy a GPS dog tracker it is important to first decide if you want a real time tracker or not. Choose a product as per your budget and then it is essential to check out consumer reviews to know about the actual performance of the device.

It is very important to consider both positive and negative feedbacks. If you are looking for something which is economically within easy reach, try not to invest in a tracker which requires monthly subscription payments.

There are various trackers in the market, invest in a durable and functional device.. Thus, what you can do to fetch the best buy in the market is to research thoroughly about the product features, gather feedbacks and reviews and compare with other similar products.

Some of the tracker gadgets also come with a good warranty period; you can also scale on such points, since in case if you are buying an expensive tracker collar you would definitely seek for a manufacturer warranty.

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