Best Dog Toys Of 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Benebone2. Wobble Wag Giggle3. Hartz
Benebone Wishbone Best Dog ToyWobble Wag Giggle BallHartz Dura Play

Dogs are one of the most faithful and adorable pets. Just like humans, dogs too get bored; and this is where dog toys come in. Dog toys are perfect to keep your dog entertained for hours especially when you are at work or away from home.

The best dog toys provide them mental stimulus and keep them active. They keep the dog in good mood and reduces destructive behaviors.

Chew toys, for instance, can help you keep your sofas in good condition as dogs won’t chew them. Also, they help in keeping them emotionally and mentally healthy.


However, dogs too get bored of these accessories so you must buy at least five to seven toys of different types and they should be given to dogs in rotation for the best results.

This guide provides useful tips to buy dog toys along with FAQs and other useful information you should know. Also, you can check out top dog toys that you can consider buying.

Are you tired of searching for the best dog toys and cannot comes across the best toys for dogs? The best dog toy not only makes the dog happier but also helps to make the dog physically active. Various things must be kept in mind while purchasing the dog toy.

Allow us to help you out right away. Here are the top brands you will come across in the market.

Top 10 Best Dog Toys 2020

1. Benebone Wishbone

Benebone Wishbone Best Dog ToyThe Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew Toy is special. It is manufactured keeping in mind the habits of the dog and the type of toys they would like to play.

The materials used are of top quality, and you would observe that this toy is made with the real flavor of bacon so that the dogs can chew it and make it feel like they are having bacon. It is a product from the USA and is highly popular among dog lovers for their pets.

The colors used are organic and no harmful chemicals are used. It is specially made to keep your pet dog happy and cheerful all day long.


  • It has the flavor of meat like bacon, chicken, etc.
  • It is best for dogs less than 30 lbs.
  • It is a chewable toy.
  • It is made from long-lasting material.
  • It helps dogs when they have pain in their teeth.
  • It helps to make their teeth healthy.


  • The nylon materials present are not suitable for the dog.
  • It cannot be used for 30lbs dogs.
  • It should not be consumed.

2. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Wobble Wag Giggle BallThe Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is a unique toy for the dogs to play. It is one of the exciting toys that all dogs love. You would find a small nudge in the ball, which will make the dog put his nose and play with the ball.

The company is well-known for making toys for dogs and has years of experience in this field. It is well aware of the toys that the dogs like. This toy can be used by any type of dog at any age. It is good for both the younger and older dogs to keep them exercised. Even if you are unable to take them outdoors, the balls can be used to play indoors also.


  • The ball is very light weighted.
  • It helps to keep the dogs engaged and exercised.
  • It can be used to play both indoors and outdoors of the house.
  • When rolled or shaken, there are small tubes that emit a sound that will make your dog happy and joyful.


  • It is a noise-making ball.
  • The ball is very soft and sturdy; thus, it can be easily punctured.
  • As the balls have plastic material, sometimes the dogs can consume plastic; thus, it is not suitable for the dogs.

3. Hartz Dura Play

Hartz Dura PlayThe Dura Play Dog Toys is a small ball that is an ideal chew toy and can be also used for playing. It has the flavor of bacon that will make your dog excited and play with the ball.

The company is empathetic with the needs and makes products considering the behavioral pattern of dogs and their sensitivity to the environment. Also, the company makes sure to manufacture its product with the best materials which are not at all harmful to them.

Your dog can play with this ball and also chew for fun. The best part is you can get these balls in many colors. You would find the exterior of the ball is made with sturdy latex, which is not harmful to the dogs.


  • The ball is perfect to play outdoors.
  • The ball is very easy to grasp, play and clean.
  • The balls stay float on the surface of the water.


  • When you are unwrapping the ball, you need to be careful and remove all the plastic from it, if the plastic goes into the mouth of your dog, then it will create a problem.
  • If the ball gets damaged and small pieces are worn out, then you should make sure that your dog does not chew it or eat the worn-out pieces, which is unhealthy.
  • It is not real bacon, so you need to make sure that your dog does not gobble it up.

4. Zippy Paws

Zippy PawsZippy Paws has been featuring new types of toys for the dogs. It is a type of soft toy for the dogs with which the dogs can play and enjoy themselves. The creatures available as the toys are raccoons, foxes, and squirrels.

These toys can make noises that dogs find quite alluring, and they will spend hours with their new toys.

The company has made this unique design to make it attractive to their dogs. Your furry friend will be filled with excitement to play with these toys. You can buy this toy in different sizes, and there is no age requirement of the dog.

The toys are flat and are not stuffed with things. It helps the toys to last for a more extended period. Here are some of the pros and cons that will help you understand if the toy is right for your dog or not.


  • The toys are available in different sizes for the various ages of the dogs.
  • The characters of the toys are based on three animals the fox, raccoon, and squirrel.
  • The toys are flat, and there is not much stuffing inside the toys.
  • The toys will last for a long time.
  • The unique designs of the toys will attract dogs.


  • The cost of the toys is very high.
  • As the toy contains fur, repeated cleaning is required.
  • If your dog somehow eats the pieces of the toy, it can cause severe damage.

5. Pacific Pups

Pacific PupsThe Pacific Pups Products is the set of different types of fun toys for your dogs. Nothing makes dogs happy than these toys. The collection contains ropes, chewers, rope balls, and many kinds of exciting toys.

The company has decided to make its toys innovative to stand out from the other brands. It prefers that the customers and their little friends are always happy with the new products.

All the toys are naturally made and no plastic is used in them. They are made of ropes with flosses, there will be no issue if the dog chews them, it will help to make their teeth clean and healthy.

Thus, the dogs can play with the toys at the same time the dogs will stay healthy. Here are some of the pros and cons of the toys; this will help you choose the toys perfect for your dogs.


  • The toys are robust and last long.
  • No plastic used so, they are not at all harmful for the health of the dogs.
  • The toys also help to keep the teeth of the dogs clean and healthy.
  • The toys are soft; it helps dogs to stop chewing other things, for example, furniture, etc.


  • Need to keep a watch as the dog may gobble parts of the fabric that cannot be digested.
  • The products cannot withstand extreme wear and tear.

6. Multipet Gumby

Multipet GumbyThe Multipet toy is one of the popular dog toy manufacturers of the US. The company produces some of the best dog toys in the world that are unique in design. This dog toy is of superior quality, and dogs love to play with it. It is soft, so make sure you keep it away from aggressive dogs.


  • The toy is 9” inches in size.
  • The toy is filled with filled and has also been covered with plush.
  • The toy can be easily grasped.
  • The toy is 81/2”.


  • This toy is not for aggressive dogs.
  • The product is available only in some selected countries apart from the US.
  • The toy squeaks, which many may dislike.
  • The toy is available in only green color.

7. Chuckit Ball

Chuckit BallThe Chuckit toy is an indoor toy designed uniquely for dogs who like to play indoors. This ball can easily float in water and can bounce high. The ball has been built with bounce flex technology.

This is a light weighted ball that can be used by any species of dog. The ball has good feedback from the customers who have already used it. Here are some of the pros and cons of the ball that will help you


  • The weight of the ball is 2.4 ounces. It is ideal for any dog.
  • The dimension of the toy is big enough for the dogs. They cannot swallow it.
  • The ball is made from amazing bounce flex technology.
  • The ball does not squeak at all.
  • The ball can be used by aggressive chewers too. It is chew resistant.


  • The ball is available in only two colors, i.e., orange and blue.

8. Chew Bone

Chew BoneThe Chew bone toy looks exactly like a bone and thus attracts the dogs a lot. This toy is for all species of dogs and also for the aggressive chewers.

The manufacturer of the dog is US based and is also ISO certified. This chew bone toy is made from a non-toxic polymer, which is not at all harmful for the dogs. Here are some of the pros and cons of the toy.


  • It is for aggressive chewers and cannot be easily broken.
  • The weight of the bone toy is only 4.8 ounces.
  • This toy is supplied all over the world.
  • It does not make any sound.


  • It is available in only two colors, i.e., green and white.
  • The bone is available in only one size, i.e., medium.

9. Cotton Rope

Cotton RopeThe Cotton Rope chewable toy is one of the best dog toys that the dogs love to play with. This dog toy can be easily chewed by the dogs. It helps to make the teeth stronger.

This toy is ideal for puppies as well as for older dogs. This is one of the perfect toys as they can be used for various purposes. The dog toy can be used by aggressive chewers too. There are various pros and cons of the dog toy. Here are some of them.


  • The toy helps the dogs to get relief from various gum problems.
  • It is washable.
  • It does not easily break down and has excellent longevity.
  • It is available in many colors.
  • It does not make any noise.
  • It is available in various sizes.


  • The weight of the rope is 10.4 ounces.

10. Sharlovy

SharlovySharlovy dog toys are one of the best dog toys available in the market. The manufacturer has designed it in such a way that it is ideal for any species of dogs. The toy is chew resistant and is available in different colors.

The manufacturer has also inserted rubber toothbrush in the toys which will easily clean the teeth of the dogs and will not allow any dental problem. Here are some of the pros and cons. The design of the toys is fascinating, and the toys are very soft; it can be easily used to play.


  • The pack contains different types of toys that will make the dogs excited and engaged.
  • These toys can also be used to train them in different situations.
  • The toys are made with soft rubber, and the spikes present will help to clean the teeth of the dogs.


  • The toys cannot be used for aggressive chewers.
  • As the toys are made of rubber, you need to keep a watch on your dog.
  • The toys are expensive.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Dog Toy

While choosing the best dog toy for your pet, you must grill your mind with several questions. Buying just any dog toy will not make your dog happy and excited.

Therefore, you should equip yourself with every factor and information about dog toys worth considering before you make a purchase. The dog toys help your dog to remain comfortable and engaged when you do not have time for your dog.

Nowadays, a lot of dog toys are readily available in the market, but you need to keep in mind a lot of things before purchase the best dog toy. There are several factors that you need to consider while you choose the best dog toy.

In this review, we have brought to you some of the essential elements that you should know and check before purchasing the best dog toys for your pet.

1. Size Of The Toy

One will come across various sized of the dog toys available in the market. You much check the size of the toy before purchasing it. The toy must not be too small because the size of the toy matters a lot.

The dogs chew the toy most of the time, if the toy is too small, then the dogs can even swallow, which may cause a lot of worry and damage. Therefore, choosing the correct size of the toy is very important.

2. The Texture Of The Toy

The dog toys consist of different materials and textures. You must keep in mind that the toy should not be too soft or too hard. Soft toys can easily break apart into pieces; the worst is when the dog swallows it, which can cause severe gastrointestinal blockages.

It can be very harmful and dangerous for the dog. So, you must check the texture and quality of the dog toy before purchasing it.

3. Age Of The Dog

The age of the dog matters a lot while purchasing the right dog toy. A puppy requires soft toys made of soft rubber or snugly fabrics as its teeth have not grown properly. However, the same does not apply to an adult dog.

Their teeth are wholly developed, and they require a little harder toy as they tend to chew more. The harder rubber toys will be ideal for them. Hence it is essential to choose the dog toy according to the age of your dog.

4. Color Of The Toy

The color of the toy also plays a very crucial role. Colors not only tend to attract people, but it attracts animals too. The colorful toys help to make the dog more playful and happier. They easily get attached to the toy and tend to play with it throughout the day.

5. Type Of Toy

The type is another crucial factor that must be kept in mind. The dog toys available are like balls, chewable toys, treat toys, rope pulls, and many more. The dogs are playful, and they love the toys that can be chewed for long periods.

These dog toys are also used for giving the dogs proper training. Therefore, choosing the correct type of toy is very important.

6. Price

The dog toys available in the market have a varied price range. The range differs as the quality, size, texture from one another. Therefore, check the price that will be economical for you before you choose a dog toy.

A lot of dog toys are also available at a lower range. Hence choose the one that will not make a hole in your pocket.

7. Weight

One thing you must be very careful about is the weight of the toy. The dog toy must not be too heavy. If the toy is too heavy, then the pet will gradually start avoiding the toy and will lose interest in it. So check the weight of the toy while purchasing it.

There are various ranges of dog toys available in the market. But you must always ensure proper safety while purchasing them is very important. Some toys have eye-popping looks but contain a lot of demerits.

Hence before buying the correct toy, correct knowledge must be taken. Not many think dog toy as a must-have thing, but gradually it has become a necessity for the dog as we are unable to attend the pets 24 hours due to work.

Therefore, they require something that will make them remain occupied and healthy. The dog toys are created in such a way that they do not harm the dogs. Instead, it becomes one of the essential things that help to keep the dog happy and satisfied.

Overview Of Best Dog Toys

The dogs are one of the most adorable animals that have incredible six senses. Many pet lovers say in no time; this cute animal became a new family member. A responsible pet owner should take whatever it takes to keep the pet happy.

Taking proper care of your pet is of utmost importance. Initially, it may seem to be hectic, but as time passes and you get to know their behavior, you slowly accept them. That is why dog toys play a very crucial role in this process.

A dog is one of the animals that hardly remain still in one place. So, the owners need to be very cautious. The dog toys are invented to keep dogs engaged when the owner is away for a while. There are various other reasons, too, for which veterinarians also suggest giving the best dog toys to the dogs.

Often it can be seen that the owners also train the dogs using the toys. The best toys for dogs help in the process of creating a bond between the owner and the pet.

The dogs require proper training after they are brought into the house. They are easy to disciple if the owner knows the techniques.

Through adequate training, the dog will work in a certain way, and the dog toys play a very crucial part of this process. Many experts hail this training as the best way for the owner and the dog to get connected.

Why Were The Dog Toys Invented?

The dog toys were invented almost 40 years ago when it was realized that the dogs bite and played with the rocks and stones.

Gradually it went through proper evolution, and the present-day dog toys were widely available—these dog toys made in such a way to not affect the health of the dogs.

You can notice the dogs will chew the toys as much as they want, but this habit will not does not affect them. Eating the dog toys is much better than chewing the other valuable things of a house, which may cause severe damages to both the dog and its owner.

Moreover, dog toys are economical and remain intact for a long time. The best part is you will notice these toys will keep your pet calm along with proper mental stimulus.

Being a pet parent, especially of a dog, you will see how much a dog loves to play. A dog is one of the most fun-loving and high spirited animals who like to roam around and play with whatever comes in the way.

When you get the best dog toy, you start building a significant relationship with your pet. You can watch your pet remain entertained with the toy for long hours of the day. So, it is safe to say these toys are essential to purchase. You can also train your pet using the toy.

Prominent Reasons Why You Should Buy The Best Dog Toys

The invention of the dog toys marked a very significant role in the dog’s life. Scientific research has helped us to know that a dog toy is as essential in a dog’s life as exercise is in our lives. The best toys for dogs have all the qualities that are necessary features that help a dog to grow both physically and mentally.

As a child needs proper mental and physical growth, a dog requires adequate growth. A dog toy plays a prominent role in your pet’s life. These are various reasons why you should invest in the best dog toys. Here are some of them.

1. Cleans Teeth

The dogs do not brush their teeth every day like humans. They eat whatever they get. So, if you buy a dog toy, it will be essential as it can help to clean the dog’s teeth. It prevents the teeth from getting tartar build-up and controls plaque.

So, if the dog keeps on chewing the toy, it is no matter to worry because it will help the dog from getting affected by various diseases.

2. Helps The Dog To Exercise

The dog toys are the best thing for a dog that allows them to remain fit and active. Exercise is essential for a dog irrespective of the age or size of the dog. It is one of the main reasons why you should invest in the dog toy for your pet.

If your pet dog refuses to do any kind of physical exercise, then they might become obese, and gradually a lot of diseases can attack due to the latent trait. A dog toy helps a dog to exercise rigorously and remain active for long hours.

3. Mental Stimulation

A dog toy is an essential item that helps the dog to develop a mental stimulus. The mental stimulation is crucial for a dog, which can be done with the help of the dog toy. Providing proper training to the dog in the correct way is essential; it helps the dog to maintain disciple.

Like a child requires proper mental growth from the initial years, a dog needs proper mental stimulation from the initial weeks after it is born.

Without appropriate mental stimulation, the dogs can become disobedient, lazy, destructive, grumpy, etc. You can find these behavioral patterns that are not good for your pet.

4. Helps To Create A Bond

The owner and the dog often love to spend time together. The dog toy strengthens the connection with the pet and the owner.

You will find your dog will be more attached to you more than before. Therefore, the dog toy plays a crucial role in building a great bond in the initial days.

5. Helps In Dental Growth

Many consider the doy toy helps with the dental health of a dog. The dog toys help to reduce the various surgical cleanings that the dog has to undergo whenever he is infected.

Chewing the dog toys helps the dog to stimulate the saliva, promote the growth of the teeth, make the teeth more robust, and reduces the occurrence and reoccurrence of plague in the teeth.

FAQs on Dog Toys

Several questions will cross our minds when we read the reviews. Selecting the right toy for your dog can be very challenging at times. We understand this problem, and thus we bring to you some of the FAQs that will surely guide you. Here are some of them:

1. Is The Dog Toy Chew Resistant?

It is often noticed that the dogs chew everything that they get. All the dog toys mentioned in the list of Top 10 best toys are chew resistant. The manufacturers make sure the toys last for an extended period.

2. Are The Same Color Toys Available?

Often the dogs get attached to some colors, and they tend to get attracted to everything of that color. The dog toys are available in different colors so that the dogs can play with them and are not disappointed. Hence if you want to replace your previous dog toy, then you will easily find the same colored dog toy in the market.

3. Does The Dog Toy Squeak Too Much?

The squeaking of the dog toy mainly depends on the quality and type. However, apart from the pulls, rubber toys, some of the dog toys do squeak.

4. Are The Toys Available In Different Dimensions?

Various dog toys have different dimensions. It mostly depends on the type and style of the dog. Most of the dog toys are available in medium to large sizes. So, you need to choose according to your dog’s size.

Make Your Dog Playful With The Best Dog Toys

If you are a dog owner, its complete well-being is your responsibility, whether it is his food, health or keeping them engaged. If you want to look after your pet dog properly and provide them with adequate happiness, then you must go for a few dog toys.

Taking care of your dog not only means providing them with good food. You also need to understand how their mental and physical growth can be improved with the help of toys designed for their varying needs.

Thus, dog toys hold immense importance in a dog’s life similar to children. With the information in this dog toys buying guide, you can surely make a good choice.

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