Best Wireless Dog Fences Of 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. PetSafe2. SportDog3. PetSafe
PetSafe Best Wireless Dog FenceSportDogPetSafe Stay & Play

All pet owners want their pets to remain safe and secure at all times. However, it is easier said than done, as dogs are inquisitive by nature; and sometimes it can be difficult to ensure that they don’t go beyond the boundaries you have set for them.

It is not uncommon to hear stories about a pet wandering off unknowingly or getting lost or stolen. To prevent such situations the best solution lies in buying the best wireless dog fence.

Go through this comprehensive guide that provides useful information on wireless dog fences, and how they can keep your beloved pet safe within the set boundary.


It is your responsibility to take good care of your dog, and this is possible only when you can make well-informed decisions about the kind of dog fence you buy for your pet.

Why not start by having a look at the best electric dog fence models available in the market?

Here is a list compiled based on the top reviews by the customers and positive feedback from expert dog trainers. Apart from that, here you can also read useful buying tips, FAQs and other aspects related to this accessory.

Top 20 Best Wireless Dog Fences 2020

1. PetSafe

PetSafe Best Wireless Dog FencePetsafe is a highly recommended brand for those looking for wireless dog fences, and this particular product boasts of a 1/2 acre of adjustable circular coverage.

The fence is easy to set up, and the wireless boundary allows one to create a secure barrier without any need to bury wires. It means you can do away with the hassle of burying wires and create a perfect size area for your dog based on his size, breed, and temperament.

Your pet can enjoy a re-entry and return home system without being corrected, unlike traditional in-ground fences. Why customers like the wireless boundary product is because it is easy to run and set-up. The portable system indeed makes for a great solution for camping and vacation.

The waterproof collar that comes with the fence is both adjustable and comfortable for different sized dogs. You can personalize the collar settings and create a secure play area for your pet, so that you can enjoy a peace of mind about the safety of your dog.


  • Adjustable circular coverage
  • No wire to bury
  • Simple set up and easy to operate
  • Static-free re-entry
  • Comfortable and adjustable waterproof collar
  • Long battery life
  • One-year warranty


  • System may become inconsistent at times

2. SportDog

SportDogThis is indeed one of the best electric fences for dogs, as it provides the functionality and convenience of containing an unlimited number of dogs and across a range of 100 acres.

SportDOG, a leading brand, has created this simple and cost-effective in-ground fence system to meet the needs of any dogs’ temperament. Look forward to Tone (beep) and vibration (Buzz) warning and adjust up to 7 levels of static stimulation.

The waterproof collar with a 9-volt battery can fit any dog and contains several dogs simultaneously.

The kit includes 1000 ft of wire, a built-in lightning protection ensures higher safety for your pets, and an anti-linger feature means that your pet would be deterred from standing in the warning zone for long.

The fence system is robust and sturdy to withstand extreme weather conditions. The system is noted for being 100% effective, and customers write about having positive experiences with their pets.


  • Simple and cost-effective
  • Adjustable range up to 100 acres
  • 7 levels of static stimulation
  • Adjustable and waterproof collar
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Anti-linger feature
  • Excellent customer care
  • Upgraded, rechargeable collar
  • Built in lightening protection


  • Installation is time consuming
  • Battery is bulky

3. PetSafe Stay & Play

PetSafe Stay & PlayPetSafe is a brand known for developing the best dog containment systems with top quality and advanced features.

Now you can assure complete freedom for your pet as well as his safety when involved in his favorite yard activities. With a 3/4-acre of coverage, the wireless fence is easy to set up and operate.

Now there is no need to buy any wires, and the static-free re-entry means your pet can return without being corrected.

The product boasts of a waterproof, rechargeable receiver collar and five levels of correction. The collar can be adjusted for different sized breeds, and what makes it even more convenient is that the product is highly portable.

Go ahead and control an unlimited number of pets with just one fence. The buyers highly recommend this unit and present excellent reviews.


  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Highly portable
  • 3/4-acre of coverage
  • Waterproof, rechargeable receiver collar
  • 5 levels of correction
  • Contains unlimited number of pets
  • Top class customer care service


  • Transmitter signals should be more consistent

4. PetSafe In-Ground Fence

PetSafe In-Ground FencePetSafe in-ground dog fence is one of the best dog fences available out there, and the fence system is able to send signals to a decent range of 1 1/3 acre. However, you can buy more wire to increase the range.

This is the right system for you if you have a stubborn pet, as you can now keep him safe and secure within a designated play area.

The in-ground fence system is able to fit most yards and is easy to set up in a do-it-yourself weekend project. The fence works great for hearing impaired pets too because of the vibration mode on the receiver collar.

Overcorrection protection means your pet can get extended static correction if they remain in the correction zone for about 30 seconds.

The lightweight receiver collar is adjustable and waterproof, and you can buy more collars for additional pets. Go ahead and let your pet enjoy all the freedom he desires with the purchase of this PetSafe dog fence.


  • Great for stubborn pets
  • Do-it-yourself weekend project
  • Vibration mode on the collar for hearing impaired pets
  • Extended static correction
  • Adjustable and waterproof receiver collar
  • Great customer care service
  • Reasonable price


  • Unreliable due to weak battery connections

5. PetSafe Basic In-Ground

PetSafe Basic In-GroundIf you are looking for one of the best underground dog fences, then this is just the right choice for you. The in-ground dog fence boasts of 1/3-acre coverage that can be raised to 5-acres with additional wire.

Four levels of static correction mean higher control over your dog’s safety and keeping them within the selected play area.

The product is easy to set up and designed to fit within most yards. The automatic safety shut-off feature means 100% correction protection for your pet and prevents him from receiving extended static correction. The waterproof battery-operated collar is both lightweight and adjustable.

The battery is replaceable, and you can control unlimited number of pets by buying more collars. The 1-year warranty on the electric fence lets you enjoy peace of mind.


  • Accuracy
  • 1/3-acre coverage
  • Four levels of static correction
  • Automatic safety shut-off feature
  • Adjustable and lightweight waterproof collar
  • One-year warranty
  • Easy to follow manual
  • Reasonably priced replacement parts
  • Cheap price


  • Collar is not so good in quality

6. PetSafe PIF-300

PetSafe PIF-300This wireless dog fence system from PetSafe promises optimum safety and portability for your pet. This is the first electronic containment system that is well known for its instant installation, and all you need to do is just plugin and use the fences. Get rid of all those hassles of setting up poles or burying wires.

The PIF-300 system comes with a bonus battery pack and with two extra RFA-67D batteries. Go ahead and cover your pet for safety up to the area of 1/2 acre or 180-feet in diameter. However, any terrain topography or presence of metal objects can affect the operating range.

The completely wireless and portable fence boasts of adjustable levels of correction. The average life of the non-rechargeable battery is about six weeks. Now your pet can be completely safe, and the portable and easy to install fence certainly places your mind at ease.

Buyers are very happy with the product that allows their pets to enjoy so much freedom without compromising on security!


  • Instant installation
  • Completely wireless and portable
  • Adjustable levels of correction
  • Bonus battery pack


  • Non-rechargeable battery

7. PetSafe Free To Roam

PetSafe Free To RoamWhen it comes to PetSafe Dog Fence, you can count on the quality of this product with high-end quality and features. The strong and sturdy dog containment system offers a 1/2 acre of circular coverage that is adjustable. What adds to your peace of mind is a one-year warranty for the product.

With no wire to bury, the wireless boundary allows you to create an invisible boundary for the safety of your pets. You can personalize the collar settings as per your pet’s temperament.

Unlike traditional in-ground fences, the PetSafe dog fence features a static-free re-entry that allows your pet to come back without being corrected.

The simple and easy setup of the portable system adds to the convenience, and the waterproof collar can easily adjust to different sized necks of the pets. A long battery life ensures long and hassle-free operations. Buy more collars to control and contain an even higher number of pets.


  • Simple to set up
  • Adjustable and rugged fence
  • Static free re-entry
  • Portable system
  • Waterproof collar
  • One-year warranty
  • Wireless boundary
  • Long battery life


  • Base is made of plastic

8. Covono

CovonoThe components and features of this COVONO electric dog fence are simply unparalleled. The unit comes with 650 feet boundary wire that can cover up to 3/4 acre, and it is expandable to more area if you buy more wires.

This is just the right kind of dog fence you were looking for effective dog training because of the powerful signals.

Some other amazing features include adjustable signal strengths and the speed detection function that makes the signal stronger in intensity if the dog runs very fast to the boundary limit. The transmitter carries an audible and visual wire break alarm that alerts you in case of any breakage.

The adjustable, waterproof, and rechargeable receiver is suitable for all kinds of dogs, and the unit can support multiple receivers.

Customers love the product that comes with a lifetime warranty and can support an unlimited number of dogs. It is indeed very easy to install and use and very effective for the safety and training of the pet.


  • Great for effective dog training
  • Easy to install and use
  • Waterproof and rechargeable receiver
  • Speed detection function
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Unlimited number of dogs
  • Adjustable boundary width


  • Works great as long as you do not to press the button accidentally

9. Justpet

JustpetJUSTPET wireless dog fence system works on a reliable and advanced mechanism that adopts 433mhz frequency. With a total of 100 levels adjustments and adjustable range, you can look ahead for higher flexibility and more convenience.

The receiver adopts the latest technology that offers a static electric shock function and provides warning sound.

The remote dog training system is suitable for long-distances and offers independent sounds for the warning, vibration, and static electric shocks.

The higher waterproof grade means you can use the product in wet and rainy environments as well. A built-in rechargeable battery comes with a long service life, which means uninterrupted services.

Go ahead and get the size based on the size of the dog and the length of the hair.


  • Safe and reliable
  • Easy to use and set up
  • 100 levels adjustments
  • The latest technology
  • Higher waterproof grade
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Fast signal synchronization


  • No way to adjust the strength of the sound according to the dog’s sensitivity

10. PetSafe Stubborn In-Ground

PetSafe Stubborn In-GroundOne of the major benefits of this in-ground fence from PetSafe is that it is aptly suitable for those tough and hard to train dogs.

Thanks to the highest intensity levels available, you can now easily control your stubborn pets as well as hearing-impaired dogs with it. With adjustable levels of static correction, go ahead and find just the right level for your pet.

Add unlimited number of pets to the system, train them effectively, and keep them within the safety of your yard.

The waterproof receiver collar of the in-ground system means you can train your pets even in wet and rainy conditions. The collar is adjustable for different sized dogs and from different breeds.

Train and control your dog for hours because of the long battery life that is replicable. Get pre-twisted wire for neutral wire areas and extra wire and flags for larger yards.

You can indeed trust the trusted global brand of Petsafe that has been there for more than 30 years now!


  • Adjustable levels of static correction
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Long battery life
  • Low battery indicator on the collar
  • Great customer care
  • Guaranteed quality


  • Weak battery connections

11. PetSafe Inground Fence

PetSafe Inground FenceThe PetSafe stubborn dog fence is just the ideal solution for hard-headed pets. Go ahead and give them all the freedom, but within limits with this amazing product that is easy to use and set up. If not satisfied, you can simply return with no questions asked!

Go ahead and train your pet and keep it within the designated boundary, safe and secure. The fence really works even for the most stubborn of pets.

With four adjustable levels of static correction adjustable to the highest intensity available, the safety contained unit comes with a lightweight receiver that is worn on the pet’s collar and alerts the pet if he tries to get out of the boundary set for it.

Users find the range of correction very useful, as it comes with a no-touch indicator tool and simply love the amazingly well-built product.


  • 4 adjustable levels
  • Adjustable to the highest intensity
  • Lightweight receiver
  • A no-touch indicator tool
  • No wire installation
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Low battery life

12. Wiez

WiezThe WIEZ wireless dog fence offers a wide range of features, and the 2-in-1 dog fence system is based on the advanced 2.4g frequency technology that ensures stable and accurate transmission of signals.

The fence works on any terrain, and the dog gets corrected every time it goes out of boundary. The click “mode” to switch mode is an innovation that enhances the dog training and offers sound, vibration, and static warnings.

Enjoy much effective duration adjustment and linear control over the fence system. Made of eco-friendly material, the waterproof collar carries a reflective stripe for higher visibility in dark conditions and improves the safety of dogs. The transmitter matches up to three collars and can train dogs separately.

The built-in rechargeable batteries can last for weeks, and the thoughtfully designed adjustable product is suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds. The product is dustproof, waterproof & upgraded for higher quality and protection.


  • 2-in-1 dog fence system
  • Advanced frequency technology
  • Click “mode” to switch mode
  • Eco-friendly and reflective collar
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Upgraded protection
  • Excellent value for the money


  • Bit challenging to follow the instructions

13. JustPet

JustPet 2The digital wireless dog fence from JustPet not only keeps your dog well trained and get in the habit of living in an independent space, but also helps to keep our pet away from the uneasy feeling of living within the constrictions of a real fence.

Create an intelligent fence area that is safe and comfortable for your pets to stay within and train. Take advantage of the 100 levels of transmitter signals and adjust their intensity as per the remote-control range.

Let your dog roam freely and safely everywhere, but within a large remote-controlled space. The wireless receiver collar is rechargeable and powered by a high capacity durable battery that is encased within a waterproof material. The collar can be adjusted for all kinds and sizes of dogs.

The careful and thoughtful designing can deal with all kinds of terrain and will keep the dog safe when training. Other useful features include one-button transmission, clear digital display, and multiple dogs support simultaneously.


  • Intelligent fence area coverage up to 78 hectares
  • Adjustable transmitter signals
  • High capacity durable battery
  • Easy setup
  • One button transmission
  • Highly recommended and worth the money


  • Instructions are not clear

14. PetSafe

PetSafeThe PetSafe wireless containment system is indeed one of the best wireless fence systems for dogs available in the market. This kit uses an extra receiver collar that can be used to handle and add an unlimited number of pets.

With five adjustable levels of static correction and adjustable collar, go ahead and add whatever kind and size of dogs within the containment zone.

The containment system has been designed for dogs weighing 8 pounds and more. The waterproof collar has been tested for subversive levels of 5 feet, which means that the system can be used in rainy conditions.

Whether you are out with your dog or looking for a comfortable and safe experience, go ahead and set up this wireless containment system that boasts of a refreshing design.

You can easily set up the system, and it will start working immediately.


  • Nice design
  • Easy to set up
  • Can contain unlimited number of pets
  • 5 adjustable levels
  • Waterproof and adjustable collar
  • Cheap price


  • Battery does not last long

15. Nacrl

NacrlNACRL wireless dog fence system boasts of many well-designed features that make it one of the most popular among the pet owners. The system is very simple to set up and convenient to use, and you can almost start using it immediately.

The wireless signal strength transmitter is adjustable within the circular zone of the outdoor fence with a 65 to 1640 feet in radius.

Whenever the dog goes beyond the set activity range, the static shock and sound vibration reminds the dog automatically and keeps it within the desired range.

Thanks to the advanced 2.4g frequency technology, you can be sure of getting reliable and accurate signals in any terrain. The water-resistant collar is made of durable and eco-friendly material that is adjustable for different sizes of dogs.

The rechargeable and durable battery is sure to last for weeks, and what adds to your peace of mind is 100% product guarantee and friendly customer service for life.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Circular zone of 65 to 1640 feet radius
  • Advanced 2.4g frequency technology
  • Stable and accurate signals
  • Durable and eco-friendly material
  • Water-resistant and adjustable collar
  • Rechargeable and durable battery
  • Friendly customer service
  • 100% product guarantee
  • Available in two different colors


  • Complicated user manual

16. Richdog

RichdogAre you anxious about the safety of your dog or worried that your dog might run away or get lost? Well, do not worry, as you can buy the best electric fence for dogs with smart automatic pairing and the most advanced technology.

There is no need to pair code for the receiver and transmitter in this wireless dog fence system, as it features five adjustable signals and can work up to the range of 330 yards of the boundary.

Now you can set exclusive control range and signals for your pet and allow him to run and play freely. The wireless fence is very simple to set up and effective to use and works on two cycling working modes. The wireless dog containment system suits all size dogs and supports three receivers.

The collar is adjustable for small, medium, large dogs. This electric dog fence is equipped with environmentally friendly reflective material. Now you can play and spend time with your dog even in wet conditions and can see him clearly even when it gets darker.


  • Waterproof dog collar
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Two cycling working modes
  • Environment friendly reflective material


  • Low battery life

17. FunAce

FunAceThe advanced electric pet fence from the reputed company FunAce keeps you free of all your worries about your pet running off and lets him enjoy the complete freedom within a customized area.

You can now contain any number of dogs and use the adjustable collar on small, medium, large dogs. Set up is easy and it starts working within minutes, as all you have to do is just plug-and-play!

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the manual for faster results with this revolutionary electric pet fence that keeps your dog safe and secure and without giving him any unwelcome and random shocks. It is now to end all your problems relating to dogs, as now you have the perfect solution.


  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Excellent customer care
  • Great system on a budget
  • Simple and easy to install


  • Can’t adjust voltage

18. Adjustable Wireless Safe

Adjustable Wireless SafeThe wireless dog fence system is among the latest additions to the Dog Fence market and certainly boasts of some advanced and useful features.

Employing 433mhz frequency, the fence can be extended from the applicable distance of 10-900 feet, and with 90 levels of adjustment. You can define the range with higher accuracy and effectiveness.

The dog collar receiver boasts of the latest technology and will not work once the main unit is shut down. It comes with 3.7v low-voltage static electric shock function, and is perfectly safe and reliable for your pet during training.

The higher stability and accuracy of signals and dual antenna transmission are what make the product superior among others.

The radio wave carries higher penetration and diffraction ability, and it creates a much more powerful signal for the dog collar even at a long distance.

Waterproof grade means it can be used in rainy and humid conditions as well. A built-in rechargeable battery offers a long life on single recharge.


  • Safe and reliable
  • Intelligent wireless fence system
  • 90 levels of adjustment
  • Higher stability and accuracy of signals
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Battery with long life
  • Cheap price


  • Flickering power supply to the transmitter

19. PetSafe Upgraded Stubborn

PetSafe Upgraded StubbornThe PetSafe in-ground dog fence provides the perfect solution for those looking for a safer boundary and training area for their stubborn pets.

With 1000 feet of extreme range and a 14-gauge wire upgrade, you can look forward to reliable performance. The fence system is specially geared towards stubborn dogs and is thus solidly built and is very durable.

You can buy more collars to enhance dog capacity, and get more wire to extend the range up to 25 acres. The eXtreme brand wire is protected in a polyethylene jacket and comes insulated. There are no wire breakages or signal breaks, even in extreme weather conditions.

Go ahead and accommodate any number of dogs and adjust for unique correction levels for each of them. Invest in a good quality fence system to improve your life as well as time with your pet.


  • Great for stubborn pets
  • 14-gauge wire upgrade
  • 1000 feet of extreme range
  • Expandable electric fence system
  • Strongest available correction


  • Not so easy to setup

20. SXDD

SXDDThe adjustable coverage range of this 2 in 1 electronic wireless containment system is impressive and can be adjusted from 30 meters to 300 meters as per your need.

Now you can ensure higher safety for your pet and send him effective signals even at a longer range. The innovative combination of wireless fence and training function is what makes this product unique.

Click the Mode for three functions for alarm”, “vibration,” and “electrostatic shock”, and press the first audible electrostatic stimulation to remind the dog and keep him within the limits set for it.

Progressive tone stimulation is used to adjust the vibration intensity, and the closer is the dog to the boundary, higher would be the intensity.

The collar size is adjustable and suitable for dogs of all sizes. Reflective fluorescent TPU collar is highly visible at night and is waterproof too.


  • High accuracy
  • Adjustable coverage range
  • Three modes for functions
  • High-tech design
  • Adjustable, waterproof and reflective collar
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes


  • Limited water resistance

Now that you are aware of some of the best dog fence options available in the market, why not get a deeper insight into the factors to look for when buying a wireless dog fence. Look at the important aspects to keep in mind so as to make the right choices and invest in the right product.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Wireless Dog Fence

Wireless dog fences can be a useful option for most pet owners, but needs good research before buying. There are several brands selling many models with loads of different features.

It can be time-consuming and a daunting task to figure out which wireless fence would work the best in your case and would be perfect for your pet.

Here are a few factors you must look out for when looking to buy the best wireless dog fence.

1. Your Terrain

Before you even start looking for a dog fence, have a look at the outdoor area of your house and its terrain. After all, the terrain may pose several challenges that can hamper the effectiveness of the wireless fences. These fences are not great for sloping or terraced gardens or for heavily wooded areas.

For instance, if you have a mobile phone signal booster near your house, it can impact the quality of signals emitted by the wireless fence.

The kind of terrain you have can impact the working of the fence and the signals, and there might be dead spots in some parts of your garden or yard. You may get fluctuating or weak signals at some points that could hamper with the safety of the pet.

The wireless fence works for owners with a well-leveled terrain and with very few trees or any obstructions within and around the boundary. It works best when used in a smaller area with no obstructions.

2. Ease Of Setting Up

Wireless fences are preferred by most, as they are easy to set up and convenient to use. So, while looking for a wireless fencing, look for installations that are like a breeze to set up, and the system should be ready for use within a couple of hours. Easy set up makes the product very practical and comfortable to use.

Super easy installation of this fence means you just need to plug in the transmitter, adjust the boundaries, and place the receiver collar on your pet.

Generally speaking, it should take only about one or two hours for the complete setup. Avoid buying those fences that carry difficult to follow instructions in their manual and are complex to install and use.

3. Coverage Area

A very important point of consideration while looking for a wireless dog fence is the size and shape of the area that you want to limit your pet within.

Typically, there is a circular boundary created, and the range or size can be adjusted. The boundary zone with the wireless dog fence can fluctuate if you do not have a smooth terrain.

The coverage area can be expanded to the desired range you would prefer for your pet. Look for customized underground dog fence if you want to cover each and every spot in your outdoor areas.

The customized in-ground or hybrid system makes use of wires that are buried underground and suit any terrain and property.

The hybrid fence allows the user to define the containment area. On the cons, these systems are time-consuming and require more effort to set up. Average systems include about 500 feet of boundary wire and can adjust up to 5 acres.

Expansion kits are available for an extended coverage up to 25 acres and with higher power transmitters. The best invisible dog fence boasts of a customizable range of the wireless fence, and the range can vary based on the model and what you are looking for.

Typically, the range is for 10-150 feet, while some fences can boast of multiple acres too. Look for a unit that allows you to adjust the shape and range of the coverage area.

4. Compatibility And Adjustable Features

When looking at wireless fencing for your pet, you need to keep in mind the size, breed, and temperament of your pet before making any purchase. Fortunately, most of the collar products you find in the market are versatile and can adjust to different sizes of dogs.

Be careful when buying collars for a small-sized dog, as some dogs have tender necks that can be a bit fragile to carry the weight of the collar. So, make sure you know the weight of the collar if planning to use it for a small dog.

5. The Quality Of Collar Receiver

It is beneficial to have a collar receiver that is sturdy and waterproof and that is easy to use and maintain. There are different collars available for different breeds, sizes, and temperaments of pets. Some of the receivers use replaceable or rechargeable batteries.

Go for slim collars that create higher correction intensity if you have stubborn dogs, or you could go for the basic models.

You can buy additional collars if you want to add more pets to the system. As long as your pets wear the right collars, you can train them and keep them safe within the boundaries of your property.

6. Number Of Transmission Collars

The higher the number of your pets, the more collars you would need. Thus, if you have multiple pets, assess the wireless fence system, and if there is a provision of additional transmission collars, you can buy them separately. Most fence systems specify as to how many collars can be added and used with the system.

Generally speaking, there is no limit to the number of pets you can have within the fence.All you need to do is purchase an additional wireless fence receiver collar for each pet.

7. The Technology Used

The wireless fence systems operate on two types of technology, GPS or Radio Frequency. Each of the technology has some pros and cons, and a lot would rely on what you are looking for and what your preference is.

For example, radio frequency gets curbed by obstacles like trees, rocks, or any other objects, but the signals are more reliable during rains.

GPS technology, on the other hand, performs better in case of any hurdles on the terrain, but it is unreliable during rainy weather. So do a good research on each type before deciding the best option.

8. Kind And Level Of Correction

Customers are keen to know about the kind of static corrections offered by the fence system and its intensity levels. Well, this is indeed a very important factor to keep in mind when buying a wireless dog fence, as different dogs of various breeds respond differently to those corrections.

The kind of warning can be Buzz or Beep, and the purpose behind it is to deter the pet from crossing the boundary line. Once the pet gets familiar with the system and is trained well, one can adjust the levels of corrections and the intensity based on what works for the pet.

For instance, some pets are stubborn and may need a higher intensity of that buzz or beep. Look for unique adjustable levels that are accurate and can correct the dog’s behavior harmlessly and safely.

The modern wireless dog fences carry advanced features and have built-in safety features. So, whether you have a big or small dog or a stubborn or a gentle one, you can adjust the intensity level of the static correction to get the desired results and behaviors from the dog.

9. Durability And Water-Resistance

Dogs love to be outdoors and play or run around; and they are really not bothered about the weather conditions. So, if you want them to enjoy outdoor times even during the rainy weather, it makes sense to invest in a wireless dog fence system that is waterproof as well as tough.

So, look for the best in-ground dog fences if seeking durability in the product. Nobody likes to invest in a flimsy product made of low-quality materials that can break easily.

Search for highly durable and sturdier wireless dog fencing systems that can withstand almost any environment and can work under fluctuating weather conditions.

Buyers prefer lightning proof and water-resisting products. Investing in a waterproof system will not only keep your investment safe, but also let you allow your dog to have a great time playing in the rain.

10. Battery

One essential aspect you need to consider when buying a wireless dog fence is the battery system integrated in it. You would, of course, prefer a good quality battery with a longer life. The lithium battery can be rechargeable or replaceable.

Buyers prefer rechargeable batteries, as they do not like the idea of buying new batteries every time, and consider it as a bad investment.

Battery performance is another major concern, as the rechargeable battery system should charge fast and carry a long battery life. Many fences boast of amazing battery life of about three weeks or more.

When dealing with disposable batteries, you need to know if they are proprietary or non-proprietary, as the proprietary batteries are harder to find and more expensive when compared to the non-proprietary batteries.

11. Budget

Budget is another essential consideration to keep in mind when looking for a wireless fence for your pet. The different models vary in not just the features but the costs too.

As a customer, you should know that a basic fence system will cost you about $100, and the high end models start at around $400 or more.

So, what is important for you is to look at different wireless dog fences, study their features and pros and cons, and keep your pet and budget in mind before placing the order. There is no need to invest in an expensive model if you really do not need those features.

Consider the shape and size of your yard and the size and temperament of your pet too, and figure out the best wireless dog fence that lies within your budget.

12. Warranty Period And Customer Service

As buying a wireless dog fence is an important investment and you are likely to spend a couple of hundred dollars on the device, it is essential that you get to use the product at least for a couple of years or more.

Getting a good warranty period for the wireless fence from a reliable brand ensures that the company will take care of any issues and will also provide professional customer care.

The customer care and good warranty are vital, as they reflect the trust of the brand in its products and its willingness to retain its customers. Many companies provide a warranty on electronics and cables too.

Reasons To Buy A Wireless Dog Fence

Before you go ahead and start looking for the best wireless dog fence, you should also be aware of the numerous benefits of buying such a fence for your pet. Here are some good reasons why you should consider buying a wireless fence for your dog.

1. Easy To Set Up And Use

These wireless fences are easy to set up and use, and as there are no poles or digging or hammering, you can set up the fence within time and start operating it almost immediately. All one needs to do is plug in the radio transmitter, set the suitable range, and you are ready to go.

2. Ultimate Safety For Your Pet

These fences are the perfect solution for those who are anxious that their pet might run away or get lost. Keep your mind at ease once you have the wireless dog fence in place.

3. Unobstructed Views

When you place a wireless fence around the perimeter of your home, there is no fence at all as you don’t see one. It is only your pet who can feel the fence as he steps out of the boundary.

So, you can enjoy the view of your outdoor area, as there is no need to get an eyesore because of a wooden or metal fence running around your property.

4. Portability

As the fence is portable, it is easy to carry the fence with you and wherever you please. Thus, if you want to go out picnicking or camping with your family and the dogs, you can carry the portable wireless dog fence and keep your pet safe and secure at all times.

So, you can easily take the fence with you on vacation.

5. Durable And Affordable

As the wireless dog fence is made of top-quality components, expect the product to last long and enjoy peace of mind with good warranties. The fencing system is far more affordable, and as it is simple and easy to install, there is no need to call an expert and pay for the installation.

How Do Wireless Dog Fences Work?

Let us take a look at how the wireless dog fences work and try to understand the mechanism behind them. Every dog containment system is made of two components, the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter is plugged into an electrical outlet, while the receiver is fixed to the dog collar.

Once on, the transmitter sends out a steady stream of signals based on radio frequencies across the desired boundary limit. When the dog steps out of that boundary, it gets a mild shock that reminds it to stay within the boundary you have set for it.

So, the collar beeps to warn them whenever they get too close to the boundary and are forced to come back.

The fence boundary and the strength of the signal can be adjusted based on your preferences and the pet’s temperament.

How To Train Your Pet With A Wireless Dog Fence

When you buy the best wireless dog fence, you are required to know how to use it effectively for your pet’s safety and training. So, invest some time in understanding the fence, how to use it, and help your pet understand its limits and the boundaries.

Training is not complex or confusing. You can plan short ten to fifteen-minute sessions for your pet, and here are some steps to follow:

Step 1- Get your dog used to the fence and use flags as visual aids to get him aware of the boundary line. It is essential to introduce your dog to the fence and make him get used to it.

Step 2- Introduce the static correction to your dog and show it what happens if it crosses the boundary line. You can use the beep as a shock to warn your dog of the consequences of ignoring the limits and your commands.

Step 3- Once you think that your dog is quite used to the wireless fence, it is time to test its behaviors. You can do that by packing his favorite toy or food beyond the boundary. Just watch how the dog behaves, and if it is able to control its temptation and avoid crossing the boundary line.

Step 4- If your dog shows the desired behaviors, you can remove the leash and let him explore the controlled range of zone for shorter time periods. You can increase the time as you feel confident that you can leave your pet unleashed and unguided within the desired territory. Gradually, you can leave your dog unsupervised for the whole day.

FAQs on Wireless Dog Fences

1. Why Are Wireless Dog Fences So Much In Demand?

There are several reasons behind the growing popularity of the wireless fences, and it because of the numerous advantages they offer to control your pet and ensure its safety mentioned above.

Besides, they are easy to set up and use, and you can set up the fence and start using it within an hour. As there is no need to buy and bury wires, it means low maintenance and no more extensive digging.

Moreover, you need not worry about wire breaks or their replacements. As the wireless fences are portable, you can carry the system with you and set it up wherever you want.

2. When To Avoid Buying A Wireless Dog Fence?

Despite the rising popularity of the best wireless fence for dogs, at times, it may not be feasible to buy the product, and there could be many reasons behind it. After all, situations can vary, and all wireless fences carry some limitations. As a buyer, you should be aware of those limitations.

To begin with, you can design only a circular shaped boundary with the dog fences, and that can be a limitation for those who own a narrow and odd-shaped yard. If the reception is not great, the signal strength can vary, and one may face fluctuating and inconsistent signals at times.

If you have a yard with lots of trees or slopes, the wireless fence may not work that efficiently because of the obstructions that are likely to block the signals getting transmitted between the transmitter and receiver.

If there is a metal siding or a metal shed on your property, then also you are likely to face issues with the fence.

Hence, if you think you may face any of those limitations, look for the best underground dog fence.

3. Is It Not Cruel To Use Electric Dog Fences?

Many pet owners tend to think that it is cruel to use electric dog fences and look at those static corrections and mild shocks with disapproval.

Well, while the electric simulation used to control the dog is impactful enough to keep it within the boundaries, it does not harm the pet in any way. Moreover, one can adjust the shock level based on their pet and his needs.

You can even try out the shock level on yourself and will know that it is not dangerous or painful at all.

When pet owners use the dog fence, they are indeed successful in keeping their pet within the boundary and gradually train it not to cross over. Once aware of the shock level, the dog is unlikely to repeat the mistake and will get disciplined.

4. When To Start Using Electric Dog Fence For A Puppy?

Young puppies do need supervision, especially when they are outdoors; and this is why many pet owners are left wondering if it is safe to buy a wireless fence for their puppy. They are not very sure if the puppy is old enough to understand the invisible dog fence.

It is generally recommended to wait until the pup is about 5 – 6 months old and is mentally and physically capable to follow the fence and its restrictions.

5. How To Pick The Site For The Transmitter?

When installing the wireless fence system, the very first thing that you need to focus on and decide is the suitable location for the transmitter, which is the main unit.

The location of the transmitter will stand for the precise site of the containment area. The transmitter location is at the center of your fence, and one needs to keep several aspects in mind before placing the transmitter.

The transmitter should be close to a power supply unit, which should be ideally near or next to a wall. Make sure that there are no hurdles or concrete surfaces around or in the way of the transmitter.

Otherwise the signals may get weaker. Remove any large metal appliances or keep them far away from the main unit.

6. What Is Boundary Wobble And Retreat Response?

Boundary Wobble – The wireless dog fence systems often face the issues of boundary wobble, and based on the make and model of the fence system, the wobble can vary between 2-8ft. It is essential to get rid of wobbles so that your dog remains in a well-marked and safe boundary.

The retreat response – The retreat is the distance shaped for your pet when they stop getting a static correction.

The wired systems necessitate that the dog retreats to a much greater distance before the correction signals can stop. It is essential to set the retreat response for the right distance, or it can be cumbersome to train your dog.

7. Which Are The Top Brands For Dog Fences?

Although there are many companies and manufacturers who make dog fences, there are some that are truly known to create the best wireless dog fences. The major brands that rule the market include names like PetSafe, SportDog, Innotek, COVONO, JUSTPET, WIEZ, NACRL, RICHDOG, FunAce, and others.

Browse the fences from these brands if looking for top quality products, great customer care, and impressive warranties. Keep in mind that not all brands create equal products, and different dog fences are likely to carry different features.

Buy The Best Wireless Dog Fence To Keep Your Dog Safe And Secure

Now that you have complete information about the product, go ahead and shop for the best wireless dog fence for your beloved pet.

Create a safe place for your furry friend around your home or any location. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind as a well-informed buyer and refer to the guide above to dispel any confusion.

As a responsible pet owner, show that you care for your pet and its safety. Make good use of the complete information and in-depth reviews of various models on this page and identify the right product based on your requirements and needs. Make the right choices and stop wasting any more of your time, efforts, and money.

Consider the size, breed, and weight of your dog, and choose the best fence accordingly. You can even take care of several dogs at one time and make them stay within the boundary.

Shopping for a wireless dog fence has never been so simple and easy!

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