Best Dog Food For Small Dogs Of 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Cesar2. Hill’s Science Diet3. Purina Pro Plan
Cesar Best Dog Food For Small DogHill’s SciencePurina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice

For pet owners, dogs are not just animals but part of their family and so they want to give them pet food containing the perfect combination of ingredients. If you have a small dog, you would be glad to know that there are many options when it comes to the best dog food for small dog.


You must not only look at the various options available but also various key aspects like the age of your pet, the condition of their teeth and reviews of the best dry dog food for small dogs apart from other factors.

Additionally, to figure out what would be right for your pet, you can go ahead and ask your veterinarian for advice.

Given below is a list of top best food for small dogs from some of the reliable and known pet food brands. Here, you can also read about dog food buying tips, FAQs and other useful information that will help.

Top 15 Best Dog Foods For Small Dogs 2020

1. Cesar

Cesar Best Dog Food For Small DogIf you are looking to give your pet one of the most delicious food options, then the Home Delights wet food by Cesar will be one of the top choices. You will be impressed to know that this dog food features over 24 trays of the best dog food brands for small dogs in 4 flavors.

For instance, beef stew, hearty chicken with noodles in some sauce, spring vegetables and pot roast and potatoes, green beans, and turkey. You can rest assured that your pets will get not only all of the vitamins and nutrients but also delicious food items.

It is a great way to feed them since you can give them the trays on their own, or you can mix it with some dry kibble to provide them with more substance. If your pet does not eat the dry kibble alone, then this is going to be a great way to give him the nutrients that he needs along with the kibble.


  • Easy to mix with kibble to get the pet to eat all of their food
  • Can be given as a whole can or even half based on your needs
  • Convenient sizes to give to the smaller pets


  • Higher in fat, which is not approved for specific breeds
  • More expensive as you need to buy individual cans

2. Hill’s Science

Hill’s ScienceFor those pets who like their kibble and are not picky, then you should go for the dry kibble offered by Hill’s Science. There are a few options in terms of taste that you can get, such as chicken rice, lamb, and brown rice based on what your pet prefers.

You can get these products in two sizes of bags, which makes it easier to feed your pet, and they come in 4.5 and 15.5-pound bags. The food is full of high-quality protein to ensure that your pet is building up and using its lean muscles.

It also contains vitamin E and Omega 6 fatty acids that help to promote shiny coats and healthy skins for pets.

Many customers who have purchased this brand are satisfied with the health of their pets after feeding this food. The result became visible after feeding it to them for a few weeks or months.


  • Can be purchased in 2 sizes
  • Smaller kibble, easier to eat
  • Tastes good and the pet will eat without any fuss


  • Not ideal for pets with sensitive stomachs

3. Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice

Purina Pro Plan Chicken & RiceThis dog food has shredded chicken with rice flavors, which has probiotics making it extremely healthy for your pet. Many buyers call it one of the best small dog food made by Purina. You can rely on it as one of the most trusted brands of all pet owners.

This option can also be purchased as grain free or with lamb and shreds or just plain chicken. It is made with real meat, which means that your pet is going to enjoy it and it has plenty of linoleic acid, vitamin A, omega 6 fatty acids and other nutrients that help with their skin and their coat.

This food gives your small pet all the nutrients in a balanced way to ensure that the pet stays healthy. This brand comes in a wide array of sizes to fit all of your kibble needs, including 34, 18, 16, 6, 5, and 4-pound bag options.


  • Highly affordable
  • Made by one of the most trusted brands
  • Easily can be mixed with other ingredients for a complete meal
  • Can be eaten by pets that are losing teeth


  • Some people said their bags came stale or not fresh
  • Pets didn’t always like the flavors that were available

4. Cesar Filet Mignon

Cesar Filet MignonIf you want to give your pet the best dog food for small dogs, then the dry food that is Filet Mignon Flavored is the option you need. It is made with beef, which means you do not need to worry about the ingredients that you are giving to your pet, the brand features over 26 nutrients inside that are all healthy.

The chunks inside the package are meaty and tender, which is ideal for pets of all sizes and those who have teeth issues as well.

There are a few other flavors that you can buy like porterhouse and rotisserie chicken. If you wish, you can mix this with some of the wet tins and combine them to give additional nutrients as well as to keep costs down. The kibble size is also great for smaller breeds that often have problems with larger pieces.


  • Comes in various sizes of bags
  • Kibble is tender, which is good for dogs who have problems chewing
  • Kibble is in smaller pieces that makes it simple for smaller breeds to enjoy


  • More expensive than other brands

5. Hill’s Science Brown Rice, Barley and Chicken

Hill’s Science Brown Rice, Barley and ChickenThose who are interested in keeping your adult small pet healthy by feeding the best food for small dogs, then the chicken, barley, and brown rice option from Hill’s Science is perfect.

It is full of protein of the highest quality, which can help with the lean muscles of your pet. It has many natural ingredients and is easy for pets to digest. This dog food will help to keep the energy level of your pet up as well as the immune system.

It also has all of the required minerals in the right levels for kidney and heart health, and ideal for senior pets. This comes in a few different sized bags, such as 5, 15, and 33 pounds so you can get the right size to feed all your pets.

The happy customers who purchased this brand have seen a significant difference in the health of their pets and wish to feed their pets only this product.


  • Perfect for older pets
  • Kibble is chunky, which is more comfortable for older dogs to chew
  • Pets seem to enjoy the taste of the kibble


  • Slightly expensive for the 5-pound bag
  • Not for pets with sensitive stomachs

6. Hill’s Science Sensitive Skin and Stomach

Hill’s Science Sensitive Skin and StomachFor pets with sensitive stomachs and skin, you must go for dry food from Hill’s Science. This dog food is excellent for adults, smaller breeds, and even the mini breeds. The company uses prebiotic fibers in food that help pets with the digestive system.

The ingredients are used in a balanced way, and they are easily digestible—an excellent option for both senior and younger pets.

This is the top option for those smaller dogs who need kibble that they can easily eat without upsetting their stomachs.

The size of the kibble is also smaller, which makes it much easier for the smaller breeds to eat more without getting sick. The satisfied buyers who use this brand have said it has helped their pets with their stomach and skin issues.


  • Ideal for smaller breeds
  • Perfect for pets with sensitive skin and stomachs
  • Smaller kibble pieces


  • Expensive
  • Only available in chicken

7. Purina Steak

Purina SteakIf you are looking for one of the best dog food for small dogs, then this moist food by Purina is one of the top options. This dog food is meaty in terms of the kibble size, and it is not thoroughly wet, which makes it easier to feed to your pets without making a mess.

If your pet is picky, then this is a great way to mix all of the kibbles with one of these packets to get them to eat everything.

Each of the pouches are sealed separately, which means the product will remain in good condition, and easy to carry even when you are traveling.

It comes in 2 different sizes, which includes 12 or 36 pouches each so that you can simply take out what you need and put it back until the next day without having to store them. It also comes in many flavors so you can find the one that your pet loves.


  • Pouches are sealed separately
  • Easy for traveling
  • Kibble is soft and great for dogs with teeth issues


  • Comparatively expensive

8. Purina Real Chicken

Purina Real ChickenFor those who want only the best dry dog food for small dogs, then the healthy weight real chicken from Purina is just what your pet needs. It is made with farm-raised chicken from the US, which ensures it has only the highest quality ingredients available.

The brand not only has the flavor of chicken to entice your pets, but it also has flavors of green beans, carrots, and even apples to give it a hint of sweetness that all pets love to gobble up.

The best part is this brand is made without any artificial sugars, and it uses the calorie smart based nutrition system to ensure that your pet can maintain a healthy weight. There are numerous varieties of this one including those for smaller breeds, grain-free, and much more.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Perfect balance of nutrients for a healthy pet
  • Dogs like the flavor and kibble of this mixture


  • Some dogs don’t like the taste or texture of the kibble.
  • Bags have been reported to be open or ripped upon delivery.

9. Purina Bella Natural Bites

Purina Bella Natural BitesIf your pet is a smaller breed, then the Bella Natural Bites from Purina is going to be a good choice. It features chicken and turkey or beef flavors in a 12-pound bag and made with a natural formula with plenty of minerals and vitamins.

This brand is perfect for adult dogs who need a bit more nutrients in their food to keep them moving in excellent condition.

It is safe to say this is one of the brands that most pets will eat without problems. If you want to mix it with other wet options then that is available too.

The kibble is also very soft, which means those senior pets with teeth issues can eat this without any problems, and the kibble is big enough they can pick it up quickly.


  • Makes a huge difference in the coats of smaller breeds
  • Ideal for senior pets with teeth issues
  • Dried pieces of meat inside the food that the animals love


  • Only available in a 12 pound bag
  • Kibble is different hardness depending on color

10. Iams Proactive Chicken

Iams Proactive ChickenWhen it comes to the best small dog food for your pet, you can buy this proactive chicken-flavored dry food from Iams. It is one of the top trusted brands in the world. They use mini chunks to ensure that the adults of smaller breeds are able to eat it easily.

Chicken is the main ingredient that is used along with omega fatty acids to help the skin and coat of your pet look and feel great.

It also has protein in the mixture to ensure that strong muscles are built, along with antioxidants, to help boost the immune system. This kibble is ideal for those pets who are under 20 pounds, and you can get this bag in 15, 7, and 3.3-pound options depending on how much your pet eats and how many small breeds you own.

If your small pet is overweight, then this is also going to be great in keeping them from gaining weight. Many customers said they had seen the difference in the health of their pets after eating this small dog pet food.


  • Great for keeping your pet from gaining additional weight
  • Ideal for pets who are picky eaters
  • Kibble is in small pieces


  • Can upset the stomach and digestive system of some pets
  • Not ideal for larger breeds

11. Solid Gold Apple, Sweet Potato and Beef

Solid Gold Apple, Sweet Potato and BeefIf you have a toy breed or mini breed, then you want to go for a good option that is beef, sweet potato, and apple combination from Solid Gold. This is available in both wet and dry options so that you do not have to sacrifice the quality for the type.

It comes in a wide array of flavors that you can choose from like turkey, salmon, lamb, chicken, and beef based on what your pet likes.

The kibble is quite small in size, which means it is perfect for all of the small breeds that have tiny mouths. It is made with the highest quality of meats and other ingredients to ensure that your pets are getting the top combination that they can enjoy.

It also comes in different sized bags like 3.5 oz or 12 packs for the wet version and 4 and 11 pounds for the kibble.


  • Can be purchased in dry and wet varieties
  • Smaller kibble pieces for mini and toy breeds
  • Can be mixed with a wide variety of ingredients based on the pets needs and tastes


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Some pets might not like the size of the kibble or the taste

12. Cesar Pot Roast

Cesar Pot RoastYou always want to give your pet the very best dry dog food for small dogs and that is Cesar’s pot roast flavored combination. It also comes in chicken flavor if that is what your want for your pet.

The real meat is included as part of the ingredients, which makes it easier for the pets to eat it. It works for all of the stages for all tiny breeds, and it can be mixed with wet food if required.

There are 26 nutrients in the combination along with minerals and vitamins that help to keep your pet healthy.

Rest assured as this is going to be a complete meal and diet for them. It also has real vegetables like carrots, peas, and more to keep the pets interested and coming back for more.

Many of the owners who have purchased this brand said they would not feed their pets anything else than this one.


  • Favorite kibble of tiny breeds
  • Comes with a huge array of flavors to entice all pets
  • Perfect for mixing with other ingredients or wet tins


  • Expensive compared to other brands
  • Contains an unknown type of glycerin

13. Hill’s Science Healthy Mobility

Hill’s Science Healthy MobilityIf your pet is an adult, then it would require a different ingredient combination than those needed by younger pets. Healthy mobility with barley, brown rice, and chicken from Hill’s Science is a perfect choice for adults who might have mobility problems.

The kibble is a smaller size, which makes it much easier to eat, and the ingredients support healthy joints by using chondroitin and glucosamine along with other minerals.

For pets who have problems running or even walking, then this brand is often recommended by many veterinarians. Many customers cannot help but keep thanking this brand for this wonderful pet food.

They have seen a considerable increase in the health of their pets and don’t want to experiment with any other brand.


  • Recommended by numerous veterinarians
  • Easy on the stomach
  • Ideal for senior or older pets


  • Very expensive for a 30 pound bag
  • Not suitable for younger pets

14. Hill’s Science Variety Pack

Hill’s Science Variety PackIf you want to get your pet something they will love, then this variety pack of wet food by Hill’s Science is just what you must buy. These are perfect for tiny breeds that are between the ages of 1 and 6 and who need protein to help build up their muscles.

The ingredients are of the highest quality and gentle fibers are used to ensure that the pets can easily digest what they are consuming.

There are so many options in terms of flavors that your pet can have including savory chicken or beef stew with vegetables.

This is the best way to get your pet eating the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that they need without having to feed them supplements. Those who buy this product are highly impressed with it and say it is great when mixed with some kibble.


  • Packed separately to make it easier for traveling and feeding
  • Marked as Amazon’s Choice so you can be sure it is high quality
  • Ideal for tiny breeds since the meat pieces are in small enough pieces


  • Expensive
  • Sometimes the closed containers aren’t in the best of condition
  • Higher levels of vitamin C than recommended

15. Purina Grain Free Pro Plan

Purina Grain Free Pro PlanIf you are looking for one of the best dog food for small dogs that is wet, then this dog food made by Purina is an excellent choice to make.

Not only does it have the backing of the top brand, but it features superb flavors like turkey and chicken with sauce—perfect for all pets. This dog food is specially made for adult dogs because it is full of nutrients and protein.

You will get this in trays, which makes feeding time simpler since you just need to open them or mix them with some kibble. This dog food will help your small dog keep their muscle strength up while helping them with their immune system at the same time.


  • No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors
  • Great for pets with no teeth
  • It is ideal for pets that have sensitive stomachs


  • Expensive
  • Cases and tins can be expired when purchased or received

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Dog Food For Small Dog

Dog food differs for different breeds, ages and types. This is why there are some options that would be better for larger breeds that won’t work for smaller breeds.

It is important that you know that there is a huge difference since knowing this will help you to understand what you need to look for when it comes to feeding your beloved pet.

A search on the internet will provide you with a long list of several options for best dog food brands for small dogs so it can be hard to make the right choice. Here are some key factors to look for so that you can make an informed choice.

1. Size Of Kibble

Your pet is going to need a different size of kibble if they are smaller than the regular dog size. This is because small dogs have smaller mouth and teeth and would not be able to eat larger kibbles easily. Do not look ignore this factor while making a purchase.

2. Dry or Wet

Another thing that you must definitely consider is dry or wet dog food. Wet food is tastier as it is similar to meat and easier to eat contains high moisture.

Dry food is convenient, cheaper and may contain preservatives. Also, it helps in dental hygiene since it is hard. So, it is best to give both rather than depending on just one type. It also depends on the liking of your pet.

3. Flavors

Some pets prefer chicken over beef or lamb, while others do not like chicken at all. You must try to figure out what your pets like and then go for that.

4. Ingredients

Another thing to look at when you are searching for the best food for small dogs are its ingredients. Make sure that you check out the amount of vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients and know what the appropriate levels would be.

If your dog is allergic to a certain ingredient, then do check that. Also, do try to know from where the company sources the dog food ingredients. It is important to ascertain the quality of ingredients. Some ingredients dog food contains are meat, grains, vegetables and fruits.

5. Brand

You will come across several best dog food brands for small dogs. Many veterinarians would give you the names of the pet food companies they believe are among the top options you must consider for your pet. You can also read online to know the best.

6. Price

Another thing that you must consider is the price, and there are different price ranges. Don’t look at low price as you will not get good quality food for cheap price. So better spend on quality dog food than on treatment. Again, high price is not a guarantee of good food.

7. Moisture Content

Always make sure to check the moisture your pet might need in the kibble or wet product that you are purchasing for them. This is because sometimes the pets don’t drink much water and wet food fulfills the requirement.

The moisture level is much higher in the wet dog food option because it has a gravy that might be better for those pets who do not drink a lot of water throughout the day.

These factors are worth considering when looking at small dog food products. These will help you to make the right purchase and ensure the health of your pet. Do consider the key factors and compare various products so that you can get the right one for your pet.

Top Reasons To Buy The Best Dog Food For Smaller Breeds

You might be wondering what is the best dog food for small dogs and why you should be purchasing the top product for your pet. Some of these include.

  • Combination of ingredients along with minerals, vitamins and more are geared towards the tinier breeds
  • Kibble will be smaller to make it easier for the tiny breeds to eat
  • Different ingredients to keep their stomachs from getting upset from being sensitive
  • Helps with keeping their skin and coats healthy
  • Combination changes to keep up with the stages of life for tiny breeds
  • Grain free to avoid irritation of stomachs and brittle skin over time

Discussed above are just a few of the main reasons to buy the best food for your tiny pet.

FAQs on Dog Food for Small Dogs

1. How Do You Know Which One Is The Best Dog Food For Small Dogs?

There is a lot that you need to think when it comes to the right food option for your pet. First, you must think about their age and what type of ingredients are good for them along with what type they prefer wet or dry.

If they prefer kibble, then there are numerous options you can try out, and there are also wet options that you can purchase easily.

2. How Do I Get My Pet To Eat The Dry Style Kibble?

If your pet does not like to eat the kibble alone, then one of the top ways to get them to eat is to mix it with something else. It can be wet food, which will make the combination more palatable and more comfortable to chew.

Also, you can add fresh vegetables and other ingredients into the kibble to make it more enticing for them.

3. When Should I Use Wet Foods For My Pet?

You should not begin with the wet style right away since if that is all you give to your pet, then he will get habituated to eat that only. You need to try to provide your pet with the kibble or a mix of both wet and dry.

However, if your pet has no teeth or fewer teeth, then the wet food is going to be much easier for them to eat.

4. How Long Should It Take For Pets To Change From Eating One Type To Another?

If you are thinking of changing the current food option that you are feeding your tiny pet, then you need to consider how long it will take to shift.

This isn’t something that you must do right away but instead you want to do it slowly over a period of 7 to 10 days. This will help you to see if your pet is going to handle the new kibble or if you need to stay on the old kibble.

5. What Do I Need To Look For On The Label?

The label of the package you are looking at might seem complicated, but there are a few things to notice. You need to see the first five ingredients since they are what the combination will have the most. After that, you want to see just how much meat is actually in the kibble and 30% is the least that you should purchase.

You also need to look for any toxic ingredients that might be listed, but you also need to look for natural preservatives. Some of the natural ones are tocopherols, vitamin E, green tea extract, and even rosemary extract.

The shelf life can be increased if they are using the toxic preservatives rather than the natural, so go ahead and check that out.

The grains are also something to check. Do not forget to see what grains are included and what the levels are since it should not be on the lower end.

Also, you need to see what type of meat is listed since if they say “meat by-products” then it is more likely they are talking about the scraps. You should know the actual type of meat that they are using and in what quantities.

6. How Much Should I Be Feeding My Pets Daily, And How Often Should I Feed Them?

It is true that small dogs might need more calories per pound as compared to larger dogs but never over feed will them as it result in obesity.

Also, small pets do not eat a lot as compared to large pets, mostly because their stomachs are smaller. You should be feeding them a total of ¾ to 1 cup every day of kibble or based on the feeding instructions. If you are combining the kibble with some wet tin food, then just give them a lower amount of the kibble.

Every day a tiny pup five months or younger should be fed 3 to 4 times. It is because such a pet likes to run around.

He is much likely to get exhausted use calories much quicker than others. However, pets that are 6 to 12 months, you should only be feeding them around 2 to 3 times every day. If your pet seems like he is hungry, then you can give him more.

7. Should I Be Giving My Pet A Diet Free Of Grain?

You must always watch your pet when feeding. It will help you to understand how your pet will react to various ingredients. If your pet has issues with the food that has grain, you should try a non-grain option to see if it helps.

Some pups might have an allergic reaction immediately, while others might not. It is hard to say until you try it out. However, one thing is known that the grains are harder for younger pets to digest, so if you are not sure, then feed your pet a non-grain diet.

8. Do Small Dog Breeds Require A Particular Type Of Kibble?

The tiny breeds need more calories daily, which is why the combination of ingredients is higher. They would also do better with kibble, and the option that you are choosing should be geared towards the breed you have.

Best Food For Small Dogs Is Certainly Important

A quick search on the internet is enough to muddle your brain with confusion. It is a challenging task to find the best dog food when you have plenty of options. Make sure you select the right one as per the need of your pet.

It is extremely important that you choose the best food for small dogs so that they stay healthy and happy. As discussed in the article, you need to consider several things, such as the type of kibble, the price, the size of the kibble, ingredients and much more.

There are many good options that would be ideal for your pet. If you aren’t sure which one is going to be perfect, then get a few smaller bags or even samples, if you can, to see what they like the most.

Always prefer quality over price as good food means good health of your small dog and fewer visits to the vet.

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