Best Dog Foods 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Purina One2. Cesar3. Rachael Ray Nutrish
Purina One Best Dog FoodCesarRachael Ray Nutrish

A balanced and nutritious diet is as important for your dog’s well-being as it is for us. Our canine friend is a constant source of happiness for us, so it is fitting that we take adequate care of its food.

So as a pet parent, it is your responsibility to provide the best dog food to satisfy its nutritional needs. We also need to ensure that the food is delicious so that your dog enjoys meal time.


Dog owners often wonder ‘what is the best dog food for dogs?’ One thing to note is that just any dog food won’t do for your dog, and you should look for something that meets its specific requirements perfectly.

While some dogs may have skin allergies and hair issues, other dogs may be hyperactive and some need food to sustain high energy levels. Small dogs on the other hand need food with small kibbles that they can easily eat and digest.

There are many variations and different recipes available that ensure your dog will look forward to each mealtime.

So, to make your choice easy we have listed some of the best brands of dog food and have provided best dog food reviews for your easy reference. You can also read buying tips, FAQs and other useful dog food information

Top 15 Best Dog Foods 2020

1. Purina One

Purina One Best Dog FoodYour hunt for one of the tastiest and healthiest dog foods ends with this Natural Chicken & Rice Formula Dog food that has been prepared specially for adult dogs.

With over 4,500 positive ratings and the special tag of being Amazon’s Choice, this preparation by Purina One is recommended by many dog owners who have bought and used this product and it is among the best rated dog food in the market.

Only real chicken meat has been used for the preparation of this dog food, which also has a dual defense antioxidant blend to support and strengthen your dog’s immune system. So what you get is a combination of tasty dog food that your dog will love eating, with 100% nutrition to support his lifelong health.

This dog food has also been designed to meet the energy and calorie requirements of your adult dog, with a calorie content of approx 383 kcal/cup 3993 kcal/kg.

So you can rest assured that your dog is getting enough good quality feed to sustain its daily activities. The combination of protein rich chicken morsels that are tender and soft to eat along with crunchy kibble makes it very appealing for dogs.

Another great value addition in this well prepared dog food is the addition of natural sources of glucosamine, which is very essential and good to support the healthy joints of your dog.


  • Good protein source to develop the muscles and heart of your dog
  • 0% fillers
  • Good flavor, that your dog will love
  • Convenient packaging


  • Dry preparation

2. Cesar

CesarMake your dog’s mealtime fun and exciting with these four delicious and tasty preparations by Cesar, one of the best gourmet wet food manufacturers for dogs.

More than 3,500 customers have appreciated the taste and quality of these preparations which are also ranked as Amazon’s Choice on the website.

The 24 pack contains 6 trays each of a) Duck Recipe, b) Grilled Chicken Flavor, c) Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor d) Turkey Recipe with each being prepared without any grains or fillers and only 100% Chicken, Duck or Turkey as the main ingredient.

So what your dog gets is a delicious different meal at every mealtime that he looks forward to.

Each preparation is carefully prepared and balanced with the required vitamins and minerals to ensure the good health of all dogs irrespective of their size and age.

No more hassles with serving plates and dishes as each tray can be conveniently opened and served directly to your dog thanks to its easy, peel-away seals that keep the food fresh and ready to serve anytime.


  • Can be served individually or mixed with kibble and any other dry dog food
  • Easily disposable individual serving trays
  • 4 Different flavors that you can serve in a rotation so that your dog does not feel bored eating
    the same food at every mealtime.


  • Bigger serving size required for larger dogs

3. Rachael Ray Nutrish

Rachael Ray NutrishGood dog food is about using the right natural and wholesome ingredients in its preparation, which will help maintain the immunity and health of your dog.

This is the reason this premium dry dog food, by Rachael Ray is hugely popular on Amazon and has more than 3,500 positive ratings making it a product with the Amazons Choice tag.

Chicken raised in the farms of US is the main ingredient in this delicious food for adult dogs, making it the best healthy dog food you can buy. It also has natural probiotics that support healthy digestion among dogs.

The specially prepared formula ensures that there are no fillers, no poultry by-products, wheat or other wheat gluten ingredients.

This dog food has been fortified with vitamins and minerals to maintain the health of your dog. It includes wholesome food grains that provide fiber and other ingredients that aid in easy digestion and also provide the nutrients your dog needs for a healthy, active and playful life.


  • The meat used in this preparation is grown 100% in the US
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives used in its preparation
  • Has vegetables for a complete balanced meal for your dog


  • Suitable only for adult dogs, cannot be used for puppies

4. Blue Buffalo

Blue BuffaloSatisfy your dog’s meat cravings with this nutritious and tasty dog food prepared by Blue Buffalo, a brand that is well recognized for producing healthy and holistic meals for dogs.

Every meal prepared by Blue Wilderness has real chicken meat to meet the protein requirements of your dog, which helps build and maintain its lean muscle mass.

100% Grain-free, this recipe prepared for adult dogs has the ideal mixture of meat, fruits, and vegetables to maintain its energy levels and lifestyle.

The naturally occurring omega 3 & 6 fatty acids help maintain the skin and coat of your dog, and also give it a healthy shine.

This recipe also contains the exclusive LifeSource Bits, that have been formulate by Blue Mountain with the help of holistic veterinarians and animal nutrition specialists to give your dog a natural blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are necessary to build and maintain the immune system of your dog and its health for an active lifestyle for years to come.

An Amazon Choice product, this is one of the best dry dog food products with around 3,000 positive ratings, on Amazon for its taste and nutrition.


  • 100% Natural ingredients with no unnecessary fillers used in the preparation.
  • A proprietary formula helps builds your dog’s immune system.
  • Protein rich meal to develop the muscles of your dog.
  • No animal by-products used in the preparation.


  • Suitable only for adult dogs

5. Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro PlanIf you have a dog that has sensitive skin and stomach, then this preparation by Purina Pro Plan is an ideal meal choice for your dog.

Created using real salmon which is a good source of protein as the main ingredient in its preparation, this specially designed formula also has prebiotic fiber to promote the digestion of your dog and its overall well being.

Antioxidants are a part of this dry dog food to build and maintain your dog’s immune system and health so that it remains active throughout the day.

The naturally occurring fish oil in the salmon provides necessary Omega 3 fatty acids that are good to keep your dog’s joints supple and healthy. The Omega 6 fatty acids, on the other hand, nourish the skin and coat of the dog to keep it healthy and shining.

No corn, soy or wheat has been used in this preparation as fillers to keep it gluten and grain-free, so that your dog has a healthy and tasty meal, it will look forward to at every mealtime. It contains rice, which is a good source of carbohydrates for your dog making it one of the best dog foods on the market.


  • Aids your dog’s natural digestion system.
  • Good source of protein and fatty acids essential for muscle growth and wellbeing.
  • Complete nutritious meal for adult dogs.


  • The dry formula, may not appeal to all dogs.

6. Hills Science Diet

Hills Science DietGive your small dog, the completely healthy and nutritious meal it needs with this specially prepared formula by Hills Science Diet that is made with easily digestible ingredients.

Made with natural ingredients, this preparation has received more than 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon, and the Amazons Choice tag for its popularity and quality making it the best food for dogs.

Small breed dogs, though small in size need a complete meal with all nutrients to match their growing needs and active lifestyle, which is what makes this preparation ideal for them.

This is among the best dry dog foods that has high quality protein, which aids in the development and maintenance of lean muscle. A unique and natural antioxidant blend in the preparation helps build the immune system for lifelong immunity.

It also contains important omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E which helps build and maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat for your small and miniature dog.

The natural and nourishing ingredients in this deliciously prepared meal made in the USA with trusted global ingredients, making it the No.1 dog food recommends by Veterinarians.


  • Developed especially for small and miniature dogs to meet their specific nutritional needs.
  • Small sized bites, suitable for small dogs
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives are used in its preparation.


  • Not recommended for puppies or adult dogs more than 6 years of age

7. Pedigree

PedigreePedigree is well known for the quality and taste of its pet food, and this preparation with roasted chicken, rice and a delicious vegetable flavor lives up to those standards.

The specially prepared kibbles have the complete and balanced nutrition your dog needs to support its active lifestyle while also containing Omega-6 fatty acids that help nourish its skin and coat keeping it shining and healthy.

Each portion that you serve has adequate antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to meet its growing needs while building and maintaining its immune system. The whole grain preparation along with a special fiber blend also helps support healthy digestion, making it the best quality dog food you can buy.

Pedigree has received more than 2,000 positive reviews for this dog food, due to which it also features as an Amazon Choice product on the site.

The entire food preparation is made in the USA using the finest ingredients from across the world. To maintain the quality and taste of its products Pedigree does not use any high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or sugar.


  • Suitable for adult dogs
  • Helps keep teeth clean
  • Contains Vitamin E to boost your dog’s immune system


  • Dry food, so some dogs may not like it.

8. Purina Pro Plan Sport Formula

Purina Pro Plan Sport FormulaIf you’ve got a dog that’s very active and loves taking part in all types of sporting activities, then this protein and fat enhanced dog food will provide the ideal nutrition it needs to maintain its active lifestyle.

With 30% protein and 20% fat, each meal you serve your dog will help build its lean muscle and also fuel its high metabolic needs. The calorie content of this preparation is 1928 kcal/pounds.
This Sport formula meal has been prepared using real chicken, as the main ingredient for a tasty serving that your dog will appreciate and look forward to at mealtimes.

The Amino acids present in this nutritious meal are good for nourishing its muscles, especially after a lengthy exercise or play session. It also contains EPA and glucosamine which help support the joint health and mobility of your dog.

This well prepared dry dog food is suitable for dogs of all age groups making it one of the best dog food brands. It even contains antioxidants to boost your dog’s immune system and protect it against free radicals.

More than 1000 customers have given this dog food that will help your dog excel in outdoor activities a positive rating for its quality and nutrition.


  • Special formula created for sporting dogs
  • Complete balanced meal


  • Bit expensive

9. Diamond Naturals

Diamond NaturalsGreat taste packed with nutrition for a meal that your dog will love at every mealtime. This dry best dog food recipe contains high quality protein from salmon that has been caught in the wild to help develop and maintain lean, strong muscles in your dog.

A superfood, it does not contain any grains and is perfect for all the stages in your dog’s life and development.

It contains essential much needed hypoallergenic ingredients which make it perfect for dogs with food related skin sensitivity issues. The fatty acids in this recipe are also good for the skin and coat of your dog, giving it a shine that you will love.

A complete balanced meal with probiotics, that is good for maintaining a healthy gut and aid in the digestion of food for your dog.

The entire recipe is prepared in the USA using strict food safety protocols and high-quality ingredients that have been sourced from trusted sources across the world.

No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives are used in the preparation of this food that has received more than 1,000 positive reviews, giving it the prestigious Amazons Choice tag on the website.


  • Vegetables to provide energy rich carbohydrates.
  • Rich, natural salmon to satisfy the meat requirements of your dog.
  • Suitable for all age groups


  • The dry formula that may not appeal to some dogs.

10. Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo Life ProtectionFor dog owners worried about their dog gaining extra weight, this Healthy weight dog food preparation by Blue Buffalo is the perfect and ideal meal option.

Prepared using real meat only as the main ingredient, this special recipe for dogs contains protein rich chicken to help your dog build and maintain healthy muscles, which are essential for a healthy and active lifestyle

This healthy preparation also contains wholesome whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to ensure that your dog gets all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients its body needs daily. Adequate care is taken in its preparation, to ensure that there are no extra added calories from fat, which could lead to your dog gaining excess weight.

Blue Buffalo’s special LifeSource bits addition, adds the perfect amount and blend of antioxidants to support the immune system of your dog, boosting its health and maintaining the perfect oxidative balance for your dog.

A completely natural preparation, this meal does not contain any chicken or other poultry by-products, corn, wheat, artificial flavors, and preservatives, so what your dog enjoys is one good healthy and delicious meal every time.


  • Completely natural ingredients
  • Helps maintain and manage the weight of your dog
  • Good for overall growth and development of adult dogs


  • Dry formulation

11. Kibbles n Bits

Kibbles n BitsAdd some taste and good quality nutrition to your dog’s diet with this specially prepared Bistro inspired roast beef flavor recipe which has spring vegetables and a baked apple flavor that your dog will love at mealtimes.

The crunchy kibble is mixed with tender bits of meat for a completely balanced and healthy meal that provides 100% nutrition to your dog making it the best dog kibble you can feed your dog.

Only high-quality ingredients have been used in this preparation that has 23 essential vitamins and minerals for the healthy growth of your dog and to support its healthy lifestyle.

With more than 700 positive reviews, this product is a best seller on Amazon and has been marked as Amazon’s Choice on the website.


  • Different flavor, from normal chicken preparations so your dog will welcome the change
  • Contains all the essential nutrition your dog needs for its healthy growth


  • Dry preparation

12. Purina Dog Chow

Purina Dog ChowDogs need a well balanced and nutritious meal, which complements their healthy lifestyle and also promotes healthy growth within them.

This 100% complete and balanced meal prepared by Purina, meets this requirement easily as it contains the 23 essential vitamins and minerals your dog daily. These nutrients also help maintain the skin and coat of your dog, while giving it a good shine.

Created with real beef, for a great flavor that your dogs will love to eat, this delicious recipe has received more than 700 positive reviews on Amazon.

The kibble bites have the perfect texture to satisfy his food cravings, while also helping keep his teeth clean. The high quality protein found in the beef will help develop and maintain your dog’s muscles as well as support his high energy requirements, as he plays with you the whole day.

No artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives have been used in this preparation that is suitable for all dogs. The special beef flavor will help make your dog’s mealtimes more interesting and something he will relish every time he eats it.


  • Completely balanced and nutritious dog food
  • Good quality protein, to help build your dog’s muscle and mass


  • No tray packaging, which would have made it convenient to serve

13. Health Extension Little Bites

Health Extension Little BitesA delicious and nutritious meal for miniature dogs which is cooked in small batches, to maintain the taste and quality of the preparation.

Smaller batch sizes also help maintain the nutrition within the meals and make it easily digestible especially for small dogs. 100% whole food ingredients and meats that are USDA certified for freshness and quality are used in these preparations.

Completely balanced meals prepared using chicken and brown rice along with a unique combination of organic apple cider vinegar, pure coconut oil, and turmeric to ensure that your dog gets all the antioxidants, minerals and vitamins it needs for a healthy, active lifestyle daily.

The meals are proudly prepared in the USA by a family that has owned the business for three generations. Their quality levels are unsurpassed and have never ever seen a product recall.

It does not contain any corn, wheat, fillers, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives, just clean organic wholesome ingredients that are important for maintaining your dog’s health.


  • Suitable for all age groups from puppies to senior adults
  • Specially crafted for miniature dogs
  • Contains organically raised chicken


  • A gravy preparation would be better

14. Instinct

InstinctFeed your dog something delicious as well as nutritious at its meal time and watch them go for it, every time you serve their meals.

Created with farm raised rabbits, the Instinct brand Grain Free Dry food is prepared with 71% real rabbit as the main ingredient along with and nutritious oils, while the balance 29% has organic vegetables, fruits, and other wholesome ingredients.

The high protein component of this dog food is made with probiotics that support the digestion system of your dog and keep it healthy. The omega fats are great for their skin & coat and helps keep the coat shining.

100% Natural and wholesome, it does not contain any grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meals, artificial colors or preservatives.

To ensure that the food is fresh always every piece of kibble in the pack is coated in freeze-dried raw for nutrition and taste that both small and large dogs will love to eat. Each formulation is prepared proudly in the USA with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world.


  • Farm bred rabbits are used in the preparation to give it a fresh, organic taste.
  • High protein content, to help build and maintain your dog’s muscles


  • Need multiple flavor packs

15. Crave

CraveSatisfy the natural meat eating instincts of your dog with this special preparation by Crave that contains real lamb meat. Lamb is the main ingredient in this meal and the source of high quality protein that is good for your dog’s health.

A 100% grain free preparation with alternate carbohydrate sources to provide your dog with enough energy for its active lifestyle.

Suitable for dogs in all age groups and sizes, this preparation does not have any chicken by-products, Corn, Wheat, or Soy Protein. It also does not contain any Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Preservatives making it a very healthy meal option for your dog.


  • High quality meat preparation
  • High energy meal, to sustain your dog’s active lifestyle.


  • Dry preparation

These were some of the best dog foods 2020 that were selected by our experts after going through thousands of reviews, rests and best dog food ratings to help you find the best dog foods on the market.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Dog Food

With so many brands and different recipes available in the market, it is definitely not easy to select the best dog food brand available in the market. Each brand has its specialties and composition that makes it the ideal choice for our dog, both in terms of taste and the nutrition it provides.

To help you make a better and informed choice, we have put together a few of the factors you should consider while selecting the best dog food for your dog.

1. Consider Your Dog’s Age

Similar to humans, dogs have different nutritional requirements at different stages in their life. The nutritional requirements of a small puppy will vastly differ from that of an adult dog, so make sure that you check the label or packaging of the dog food you are planning to buy, to see that it is perfect for your dog.

2. Meat Source

While some dogs may prefer chicken meat, others may find salmon and other meat forms more suitable to their palate. Ensure that the meat being used in the preparation of the dog food has natural and organic origins and is not any by-products. Meat being an important source of protein is good for both building and maintaining the lean muscle of your pet.

3. Wholesome Ingredients

Avoid foods that have corn and grain fillers and instead opt for recipes that contain wholesome ingredients that are both nutritious and easy to digest for your dog. The carbohydrates present in wholesome grains are a good source of energy for your dog and will support its active and high energy lifestyle easily.

4. Dry Or Wet Food

Dry food is easier to serve and also less messy as compared to wet dog food. The dry food bites can also be stored for long periods, without any fear of them spoiling so you can easily order large packs of them for better savings as compared to wet foods that don’t have a very long shelf life.

In some cases, you can even mix a bit of wet food, with the dry food to give your dog a properly balanced meal.

5. No Artificial Additions

Good quality dog food brands ensure that their products do not have any artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors which may be harmful to your dog’s health and even cause allergic reactions in them.

Apart from this, the preparation should also not contain any other ingredients such as corn, wheat, etc. which do not offer any specific nutritional value to your dog.

6. No Allergy Issues

Study the label of ingredients carefully to ensure that there are no ingredients that may cause allergy issues in your pet, as this could lead to serious complications if not treated in time.

Allergy reactions could include vomiting, diarrhea, and uneasiness among your pets. In such situations, it is advisable to change your dog’s food and consult a vet as soon as possible.

7. Growth & Health Boosters

The dog food you buy needs to have an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals to boost and maintain the overall health of your dog, while also helping build its immunity system against any diseases.

A well-balanced meal will also contain Omega 6 fatty acids which are good for both your dog’s skin and coat and will ensure that your dog’s coat always remains shining.

Ensuring your dog gets the right and complete nutrition is vital for its steady growth and years of playful life with you. Once you consider all the above mentioned factors, you can rest assured that the food you are buying for your dog will be something it will both relish and enjoy, while also meeting its dietary requirements.

Just ensure that you prepare the right-sized portions so that your dog is healthy and does not put on weight.

FAQs on Dog Food

1. How Many Times Does One Need To Feed The Dog?

Serving suggestions and the number of times you need to feed your dog depend on its age and body structure. While most of the packs have serving suggestions mentionedon them, it is advisable to consult a vet on the serving size and the number of times, along with the timing on when you should feed your dog.

2. How Long Can You Store Your Dog Food?

Once removed from the pack and served, it is best that food is consumed immediately by your dog. Unopened and closed packs can be stored based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for storing the food.

3. Will Packaged Dog Food Make My Dog Overweight?

No. packaged dog food does not make your dog overweight unless you serve it very huge portions, as compared to the portion sizes recommended by your vet. To ensure your dog does not become overweight and unhealthy due to it, please consult your vet on the ideal portion sizes and meal times for your dog.

4. Are Fillers And Grains, Necessary In Packaged Dog Food?

No. the fillers and grains offer no additional nutritional value and just increase the volume of the dog food in the pack. Look for packaged dog foods that have wholesome ingredients instead, which are full of necessary nutrition for your dog.

5. Is The Meat Component In Packaged Foods Of Good Quality And Not By-products?

It is always important to check the manufacturer’s labels and packaging to see the source of the meat being used in the preparation of the dog food.

Packaged dog foods of good quality use only 100% natural and fresh meat in their production, without the addition of any by-products.

The type of meat being used in their preparation is quite important as some dogs may be more accustomed to eating simple poultry and chicken meat while others can easily digest even beef bits.

6. Apart From Meat What Else Should I Check In Dog Food?

The sourcing and composition of the other ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and rice should also be carefully considered since they provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals essential for the growth of your dog.

For those who have been thinking what is the best dog food to feed your dog, you should be looking at a good quality dog food and the best brand.

7. Should I Buy The Dog Food With Yeast?

Yeast is usually used in dog food can sometimes come from the byproduct of bear making industry, but it also contains more than 45% of protein and is rich in many other nutrients. Still it is known as one of the controversial item because some vets believe that it can be allergic to dogs.

But this is true only if your dog is allergic to yeast and not true for all the dogs. Some also believe that yeast can support the immune system.

While minority of people believe it can develop the condition known as bloat which known to be life threatening. But these things haven’t been identified scientifically yet. Unless your dog is allergic to it, yeast is considered as healthy ingredient.

Use Only The Best Kibbles For Dogs To Keep Them Healthy And Happy!

Your pet dog is an important part of your life and sometimes the only best friend you have. Ensure it remains healthy and playful always by providing it with the best commercial dog food that is completely nutritious and balanced.

To find such food, you can consider all the different factors and points mentioned in this article or simply buy one of the dog food from our list.

The best dog food comparison is possible with a proper study of the labels, source of the ingredients and how they will benefit your dog. With the help of this comparison you be able to select the best healthy dog food and you will the pick the best commercial dog for your dog, and provide it with a meal that it will always look forward to.

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