Best Wet Dog Foods 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Cesar2. Rachael Ray3. Pedigree
Cesar Best Wet Dog FoodRachel RayPedigree

It would be an understatement to say that your dog needs royal treatment. Pet owners care and pour affection on a pet dog just like they shower on their child.

That is why there is a rise in demand for balanced nutrition meals for dogs. Best quality food products nourish your pet to ensure robust bones, teeth, muscle, digestive cycle, and immunity system.

Many doubts and questions will baffle you when buying pet food with wholesome nutrition. You would end up in the tug of war between dry dog food, canned food, or the best wet dog food.

Read our product reviews of some of the best wet dog food to clear all the confusion. The buying tips, FAQs and otherinformation discussed here is intended for pet lovers who want no compromise with the right nutrition for their beloved pet.

All the wet dog food products in our purview are usually recommended by veterinary doctors too. Take the best pick and make feeding time a deliciously happy time for the loved dog at your home.

Top 10 Best Wet Dog Foods 2020

1. Cesar

Cesar Best Wet Dog FoodMany buyers have hailed this brand as the best wet dog food if you want a wholesome and delicious meal for your pet. Your dog will love the taste of this brand because of the fantastic flavors.

Buying this pack is a perfect choice. Every day you can treat your furry friend with new flavors; surely a yummy, home meal kind of option for them.

The main ingredient of this dog food is the meat of duck, beef, turkey, and ham. This soft dog food has a recipe that is fortified with proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins. It is ideal for all variety of dogs, especially the smaller breeds.

You will be impressed to know that Cesar Gourmet food features 24 recipes. You get 6 Duck recipe, 6 Grilled Chicken flavor recipe, 6 Oven Roasted Chicken flavor recipe, and 6 Turkey recipes. It is just that there are no grains in this food.


  • The taste of food is like home-made meals
  • Packed in trays with easy freshness seals


  • Contains no veggies

2. Rachel Ray

Rachel RayRachel Ray Nutrish Premium food product is a nutritious choice for pets. Meat ingredients of Nutrish primarily feature chicken and beef, but dried egg whites are also included. The veggies used are potato, carrot, pea, and tapioca.

The natural ingredients present in Rachel Ray’s wet dog food are full of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids required to stay fit and healthy. The best part is this brand adds no artificial flavors in wet food products for dogs.

This wet dog food has several flavor options—Beef Stroganwoof, Hearty Beef Stew, Chicken Muttballs, Rustic Duck Stew, Savory Lamb Stew, and Chicken Paw Pie. You will not find corn, wheat, and soy products.


  • Food provides balanced nutrition of tender meat and healthy veggies
  • Contains egg whites that are easy to digest and are a rich storehouse of proteins


  • Presence of controversial menadione sodium bisulfite complex for enhancing Vitamin K activity in pet breeds

3. Pedigree

PedigreeA little pouch of Pedigree Choice Cuts in Gravy is a delectable meal for your dog. This dog food is made with the finest ingredients and fortified with fantastic health benefits. Purely made of meat, Pedigree’s Choice Cuts is the essential food that provides complete and balanced nutrition.

Morsels of chicken, beef, lamb, or turkey dipped in gravy sauce make it an irresistible food choice for your pet. Your dog will have glowing skin and a shiny coat with this best wet dog food.

This excellent dog food comes in 24 pouches in varied flavors: 6 Filet Mignon flavor, 6 Grilled Chicken Flavor, 6 Chicken Casserole, and 6 Beef Noodle and Vegetable Flavor.


  • Juicy and meaty bites are great to taste
  • Easy to mix with dry food (kibble) without any mess
  • Optimum balance of oils and minerals


  • Best only for adult dogs

4. Purina One SmartBlend

Purina One SmartBlendLet your search end for the best canned dog food since Purina One SmartBlend’s True Instinct wet dog food is the answer for your dog’s wholesome nutrition. It is made purely of tender, meaty morsels along with crunchy bites proving high protein nutrition to your dog. The meat in this pet food is either of chicken or turkey.

Purina has created an amazing product, powered with essential minerals and vitamins, to ensure the overall well-being of dogs. This brand features glucosamine, which helps to strengthen your pet’s bone joints.

Regular intake of this food will show a noticeable result such as bright eyes, glowing skin, shiny coat, and healthy teeth and gums. You will find your dog more activate to run around and jump following their true, natural instincts.


  • A highly digestible canned food for dogs
  • No poultry by-products are used
  • It does not contain any grains
  • No fillers, no additives, no preservatives


  • Ideal only for adult dogs (across all breeds)

5. Pedigree Cans

Pedigree CansPedigree Choice High Protein features steak and vegetable flavor recipe dipped in gravy base. It is the perfect moisture-laden food for your dog who would jump around in excitement just to have this dog food for lunch or dinner. This soft dog food is powered with the wholesome of proteins derived from animal sources and plant sources.

Pedigree dog food cans contain beef—a protein powerhouse as the main ingredient. It also has gluten, which is a plant-derived protein. Ideally, mix with wet dog food and dry kibble. This combination allows your pet to enjoy a relishing meal.

Pedigree Choice Cuts Gravy Steak and Vegetable flavor will keep your dog hale and hearty. Get to see its good effects within few days. You can ensure a healthy skin and a lustrous coat of the dog.


  • Made of 100% natural ingredients for balanced nutrition
  • Pedigree Choice Cut Gravy recipe has oils and minerals in perfect balance


  • It is suitable only for adult dogs

6. Purina Beyond

Purina BeyondChoose Purina Beyond Grain Free for wholesome and balanced canine nutrition. You get 12 cans of Chicken, Carrot, Pea Recipe Ground Entrée wet food for dogs. High-quality ingredients used here are rich sources of proteins, minerals, and vitamins required for the healthy growth of pups and keep adult dogs active.

This canned dog food is also available in seven other delectable flavors that include chicken and sweet potato, beef and spinach, as well as turkey and green bean. All the ingredients are 100% natural and safe for dog consumption.


  • Tasty and nourishing because it contains meat with vegetables
  • No grains, gluten, corn, wheat, and soy products have been used
  • No poultry by-product is used in this wet dog food
  • Suitable for adult dogs and puppies


  • Uses a moderate amount of meat

7. Hill’s Science Diet

Hill’s Science DietIf your mind has popped with a question, what is the best canned dog food? The answer is Hill’s Science Diet dog food. This wholesome food is composed of high-quality proteins and natural ingredients that are easy to digest for dogs.

Hence, a perfect choice for solving stomach troubles in your pet. The nutrients give strength, enhances mobility and muscle mass in adult dogs.

The top ingredients present in Hill’s Science Diet canine food are fresh chicken, yellow peas, brewer’s rice, and cracked pearled barley. The food also includes grains like rice, barley, brown rice along with sorghum.

The presence of prebiotic fiber in this food product is useful for addressing stomach problems. You will notice the growth of natural, healthy gut bacteria, which promotes proper regulation of bowel movement in dogs.


  • Recommended by vets for adult dogs with stomach and skin sensitivity
  • Contains sodium and phosphorus for ensuring a healthy heart and kidney


  • Ideal only for senior dogs

8. Purina Pro Plan Savor

Purina Pro Plan SavorPurina Pro Plan Savor Classic features beef and rice Entrée flavor, which is hailed as one of the best wet dog foods. It ideally meets the nutritional requirement of an adult dog. Your pet would simply love the taste of real beef blended with highly digestible rice.

This canned food flaunts 23 essential minerals and vitamins required to prolong the lifespan of your dog. You would observe healthy growth in your pet, which is powered by the presence of an optimal proportion of protein and fat.

A pack of 12 cans of Purina Pro Plan Savor Classic ensures pet’s well-being with the help of an organic ingredient called carrageenan (derived from red seaweed or Irish moss). It is a natural additive that is good for canine health.


  • Purina Pro Plan Savor Classis is a healthy choice for dogs
  • Presence of both animal and plant-derived proteins
  • Helps to keep the dog’s body lean and strong
  • Antioxidants boost the immunity system of the dog
  • Omega-6 fatty acids maintain healthy skin and a sparkling coat


  • It is a grain-inclusive dog food using meat in a moderate amount

9. Nutro Cuts

Nutro CutsNutro Cuts in Gravy Grain Free wet dog food is the most exceptional choice in canine nutrition. The primary ingredient present in this brand is meat, such as chicken, beef, lamb, or turkey. The presence of veggies adds to the overall taste of the balanced diet.

You will be impressed with 36 trays pack of Nutro Cuts in varied flavors, nine trays of Beef and Potato Stew (simmered), nine trays of Lamb and Vegetable Stew, nine trays of Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pea Stew, and nine trays of Roasted Turkey, Potato and Pea Stew. You can easily mix it with dry food and serve it to your pet.


  • Nutro Cuts is made with non-GMO ingredients
  • This grain-free canned food is power-packed with essential nutrients
  • No chicken by-product is used
  • No corn, soy, and wheat are used
  • No artificial colors and preservatives


  • Traces of genetically modified material found in this food (cross-contacted during the manufacturing process)

10. Purina Incredibites

Purine Beneful IncredibitesPurina Beneful IncrediBites, as the name suggests, is an incredible dog food for small pups and balanced nutrition for adult dogs. It comes in two different meat and one fish flavors along with the presence of healthy veggies. You get 9 cans of each in a 27 canned pack of Purina IncrediBites.

The flavors include real beef with tomato, carrot and wild rice, real chicken with tomato, carrot, and wild rice, and real salmon with tomato, carrot, and wild rice. The addition of sauce makes the food soft, palatable, and appetizing for your pet.


  • The fantastic taste which makes mealtime highly enjoyable
  • A nutrient-rich food which is specially formulated for boosting the metabolism of small puppies and promoting their overall health


  • Presence of cereal grains makes it high on energy content but modest in nutritional value for your pet

That is all with the review of the top 10 best canned dog food with high water content. The choice is abundant when it comes to the best wet dog food. What matters most is the nutritional requirement for your pet.

You may have a pup or an adult, so accordingly, you need to purchase high-quality dog food. Moreover, the breed of the dog also matters. Some kinds may require to intake a high protein diet as compared to others.

Some dogs have a sensitive stomach. So, many pet owners make a simple change in the canine diet to tackle stomach disorders like flatulence, diarrhea, and indigestion.

There are undoubtedly serious problems which require veterinarian’s supervision and suggestion of the best soft dog food for sensitive stomach. Digestion-related issues should be cured with immediate effect because they lead to itchy and flaky skin.

You will find the shine of the coat of your pet also gets lost in no time. So, get in touch with a vet before you decide to buy the best wet dog foods.

Factors To Look For While Buying Best Wet Dog Food

You might have a question or two while looking for the best wet dog food whenever you visit a dog food shop. What is the best canned dog food? This question would have often muddled your mind with confusion.

The second question would be how to choose the best wet or canned dog food since not all commercial dog food products consist of proper and balanced nutrients.

At times you might look out for specially formulated food products for small puppies or dogs having certain kinds of illnesses.

Hence, you need to know about recommended dog food products that are specially formulated with DHA (that assist the brain and eye development) or with ingredients that are ideal for dogs with a sensitive stomach and skin.

The most important thing is to know what your pet likes to eat. Your dog’s food choice should influence your purchasing decision. Here are some vital factors to consider:

1. The Top Ingredient

Meat is the first ingredient used in canned wet dog foods. Beef, lamb, chicken, and turkey are conventional meat. These ingredients are healthy for all breeds of dogs, which is like a powerhouse of proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

2. Nutritional Benefits

After ensuring the ingredients, you should look for nutritional benefits before buying the best wet dog food. Meat protein tops the list followed by vegetables, which also fortifies the canned food with essential fats, minerals, and vitamins required for healthy body functioning of your dog’s body system.

Some of the branded dog food products include brown rice as nutrition. Rice is full of natural fibers; it helps in the effective functioning of the digestive system of the dog. Moreover, rice is a source of energy-providing carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.

3. Additives And Preservatives

Choose a dog food product minus artificial flavors and preservatives. Generally, wet dog foods do not have chemicals. Still, it is advisable to check the label for artificial preservatives, such as BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole), BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene), ethoxyquin and gallate.

Look out for products that contain natural preservatives like tocopherol or Vitamin E and its derivatives like ascorbic acid or Vitamin C. Natural preservatives, apart from protecting the canned food, helps to boost the immunity system of your pet.

4. Age-Based Nourishment

The age of your pet is a crucial aspect. Feeding must be done following the age of your pet. Certain canned products are specifically designed based on the age of the dogs.

Pups need more calories for higher metabolism and the rapid development of body parts. In the growing stage, the dog needs to intake more protein and carbohydrates as compared to older dogs.

The calorie requirement of older dogs is lower than puppies. Feeding a high-calorie diet can harm the health of the pet. It will make them overweight.

Hence, adult dogs should be fed with a diet that contains a lower level of protein, and an enormous amount of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals along with calcium. Such a diet helps to maintain optimum bone density and protects the shine and quality of the coat.

5. The Breed & Food Intake

Each variety of dog has specific nutritional requirements. The size of the dog matters while selecting the best wet food meals. Smaller sized breed of dogs has a higher rate of metabolism compared to large-sized dog breeds.

The smaller ones need to eat more meals because they have high metabolization to digest the food quickly. On the other hand, more big dogs need protein-laden meals.

Make sure you are cautious with any feeding pattern you choose for your pet. Take your pet to a vet frequently to keep a check on weight gain and the occurrence of health issues like diabetes and arthritis.

6. The Nutritional Guarantee

Look out for nutritional guarantee on the label of the dog food product. The label should have the phrase “provides complete and balanced nutrition” as certified by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

7. Presence Of Sweeteners

Sweeteners, like sugar and molasses, are a big no in dog food products. They are harmful for small pups and adult dogs.

8. Quality Matter, Not Price

The price does not necessarily complement the quality of the food. You can get premium meat food product even at a budget price. The main thing that matters is the nutrients present in the dog food.

9. Check For Food Allergy

Before purchasing a new wet dog product, check whether your pet is allergic to any specific type of food. Get your pet tested at the vet’s chamber. Dogs are commonly allergic to certain kinds of grains; in that case, you can purchase grain-free wet dog food to avoid allergic reactions.

10. Check Label For Expiration

It is crucial to check the ‘best before’ date on the product label. It is advisable not to buy a product that has passed the expiration date because of food quality worsens.

It might put your pet to risky health hazards like gastrointestinal problems.

Always buy wet dog food products that assure high-quality packaging. The date labeling should be legible. It also contains the proper storage method.

Abide by the instruction to ensure the intactness of the food ingredients. If you buy food with a shorter shelf life, your pet should consume the food within a few days.

Never buy food can or pouch, which has been tampered or punctured. The best part is, nowadays, dog food manufacturers have become more conscious of high-grade packaging.

The Nutritional Value Of Best Wet Dog Food

Balanced food is key to canine health. The right thing to do is to mix dry food with wet food to spice up the food’s flavor and nutrition for your dog. Even the picky dogs will start enjoying their meal time if they get the sumptuous mix.

Best wet dog food is often referred to as the best soft dog food because of the high moisture content within the product. Soft food is ideal for pups and older dogs because they are soft to chew and easy to digest.

Wet dog food is indeed a super food; it fortifies with high-quality natural ingredients having nutritional benefits of proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. These play an essential part in boosting the GI (gastrointestinal) system, muscle mass, and immunity of your pet.

You can rest assured that your dog will gain ideal weight and healthy organs after regularly having wet food. You can buy delicious ingredients like grains, fruits (like an apple), vegetables (like broccoli), flaxseed, fish oil, beet mash, brown rice, chicken pieces, potatoes/sweet potatoes, and oatmeal. Wet food is rich sources of linoleic acid, omega six fatty acid, zinc, and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid).

There is a crucial advantage of feeding wet dog food to your pet. Water intake gets an up by default because of the inherent moisture content in best canned dog food.

Which Food Should Be Strictly Avoided For Dogs?

If you love your dog more than anyone, then kindly do not look away from this aspect. Particular food items should be strictly avoided for dogs. It is wrong to assume that dogs can eat any scrap and get it digested. They have a GI constitution which needs to be protected at every stage of a dog’s life.

Feeding the dog in limited food proportion is critical to maintaining a healthy body. Too much food is harmful, especially for senior dogs. It might lead to obesity and lead to urinary incontinence and arthritis. Gradually, it can have fatal consequences.

Make sure you are conscious of the food you serve to your dog. Chocolates is a strict no because of cocoa content. Beverages like tea or coffee and cola drinks should be avoided because it contains caffeine. Caffeinated food is detrimental to the circulatory system of your pet.

Raw fish should stay out of the dog’s diet. Raw salmon should be avoided because they can breed parasites within the digestive tract of the dog and breed manifold GI problems.

Keep your dog away from fruits like avocado, grapes (and raisins). Avocados are harmful for the heart, lung, and body tissues of your pet. Raisins and grapes affect dog kidneys. Make your dog stay away from nuts because they are doubtful as canine food ingredients.

Alcohol consumption is simply barred. It is an absolute poison for your pet. There are life-threatening risks like severe central nervous system disorders, acute diarrhea, and vomiting.

The dog might go in a state of coma in case of an accidental intake of alcohol. Never make the mistake of pouring a drink on the drinking bowl of your canine friend even if you think it would be a fun thing to do.

FAQs on Wet Dog Foods

1. What are the different types of dog food?

Dry dog food, wet dog food, and raw dog food are the three categories of dog food. Dry food comprises of biscuits, kibbles, and pellets. Wet dog food contains nutritious ingredients dipped in sauce, or it may provide jelly chunks to make the food soft. Raw dog food has the highest meat content and comes in frozen format.

2. Why best can dog food is better than dry food?

Canned dog is better than dry food because it has more exceptional meat content and less amount of carbohydrates. It has been scientifically proved that protein nutrition from animal origin has more excellent nutritional value as compared to the plant-derived protein sources. Ideally, dogs should have both animal and plant-sourced nutrition.

3. Are chemical preservatives added to canned or wet dog food?

No, there are no chemical preservatives and additives present in wet dog food. Canned food is preserved naturally. Choose BPA free canned dog food products. Rule out the chance of BPS, a toxic alternative to BPA, which has a detrimental effect on the brain and reproductive system of the dog.

4. How to find the best canned food for dogs with a sensitive stomach?

Digestive issues usually breed from food allergy. You have to monitor these issues in your pet. It is always better to seek medical help before buying the best canned food for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

5. What is the shelf life of canned wet dog food?

If a canned dog food is not unpacked, it can be stored for three years. Buyers should check the ‘best before’ label before opening the can and serve it to their pets. Once unpacked, the canned food should be kept in a refrigerator and consumed within five days.

6. Can I feed my pet dry dog food?

Ideally, wet dog food is the best choice. Dry food like kibbles (ground or chopped beans or grains) can be mixed with wet food to enhance the taste and make the dog food more mouth-watering for pets. The problem with dry food is its low moisture content.

Tasty Wet Dog Food is a Healthy Choice

Wet food undoubtedly happens to be the most popular dog food category. It is more palatable and appetizing because of the fat content. Still, many buyers opt for dry dog food like kibbles.

Wet food or canned food for dogs outweighs dry dog food products because the former provides high protein and fat content. You will observe your dog will be more satisfied with wet dog food because it is ideal for dogs suffering from stomach and skin illnesses because of their palatability.

Canine nutrition is a top priority when you have a beloved pet at home. Best wet dog food is in the higher price bracket, but that should not deter you as a pet owner from buying the best brand.

A search on the internet can baffle you with several options available in the market. If you refer to our review guide, it will help you to make informed decisions regarding the top-class purchase of the best wet food for dogs.

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