Best Dog Nail Clippers 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Boshel2. Safari3. Millers
Boshel Best Dog Nail ClipperSafariMillers

Having clean nails is as important for your dogs as it is for you. And clipping your dog’s nails without any discomfort is definitely a challenge. Here is a quick guide to help you groom your dogs using the best dog nail clippers.

This article will help you identify your dog grooming needs, how to care for your dog nails, and how to find the best nail clipper for your dog.


Since it is difficult to comprehend our dogs at times when they try to communicate, it is possible that you miss out on factors like a nail or claw related pains in dogs. Since their nails get dirty as they trudge in filth sometimes, and they also tend to put their weight on their nails; long nails and claws can be painful for your pets.

Let us begin with the list of the best dog nail clippers for your buying convenience. They have been chosen from a wide variety of brands and models that could suit your pets.

Top 10 Best Dog Nail Clippers 2020

1. Boshel

Boshel Best Dog Nail Clipper

This specific dog nail clipper model by Boshel is ergonomically designed to fit your palm with ease. Over 70% of buyers on Amazon have praised this model and recommend it to other buyers too. The razor-sharp clippers give quick and easy cuts.

Moreover, it has a safety guard that prevents over-cuts. The non-slip handles make it easy to hold all the while, not slipping even when your palms get sweaty.

This nail clipper comes with a nail file which helps in clipping and filing the sharp nails. This feature easily fits into one of the handles of the clipper and can be accessed easily with a pull-down mechanism. The spring action mechanism of the clipper makes it a very easy tool to use, being suitable for any amateur too.

This model of the best nail clipper for dogs is applicable for medium to larger dogs and can also be used to trim cat nails.


  • Effortless Usage
  • Convenient Nail Guard
  • Smoother Cuts


  • Loose File Mechanism

2. Safari


At less than 10$, this professional dog nail trimmer by Safari is definitely a very worthy deal. The stainless steel clippers have been designed using cutting edge technology, giving a wider girth while also giving a sharper trim to your dog’s nails. The safety stopper on the clipper prevents overcutting or trimming of your dog’s nails, even if you are in haste.

The professional design is compatible with small to medium-sized pet dogs. It can also be used through their entire growth stage without any glitch. For easy usage, this nail-clipper is equipped with rubber-coated handles.

To give your dog the best and most comfortable nail trim, simply hold their paw firmly as you trim the tips of their nails in a single quick stroke. The slim clippers also make it compatible with cats.


  • Light Weight
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Comfortable Grip


  • Nail View obstruction

3. Millers


Give your dogs a thorough nail clipping or trimming with these easy to use heavy duty nail trimmers by Millers. This large Italian made clipper is of excellent quality and is chosen by most veterinarians and pet groomers.

The blades are made from sharp stainless steel material, ergonomically shaped, and designed to cut your dog’s nails with a single snip.

The Italian design of the German stainless steel blades makes it suitable for dogs that weigh 40lbs and more. The bright orange rubber guard on the handles makes it easier to spot and give a better grip while trimming your pet’s nails. The ergonomic design ensures your dogs a quick and clean cut without a whimper. Get these best large dog nail clippers and enjoy a stress-free nail grooming time with your pet.


  • Parallel Cutting Edges
  • Comfortable grip
  • Sharp Blades
  • Reverse Spring Action
  • Comes with safety locks


  • Not good for small dogs

4. GoPets


Sought after product by many pet tool buyers, this authentic design by GoPets is one of the coolest and easy to use nail clippers for dogs as well as cats. As a special offer, this nail clipper also comes with the branded nail file by GoPets.

The ergonomic design features a simple 2mm thick stainless steel that has been made to stay sharp for several years.

The angled blade design allows you a better vision of the nails as you cut it, and also prevents any injury while cutting. The blades lock easily, allowing you to store it without any risk to safety. The non-slip handles offer a better grip and give better leverage for quick and effortless cutting experience for your pet.


  • Quick safety stop to prevent damage to nails
  • Better Angle
  • Ergonomic Grip


  • Blades get locked often

5. CleanHouse Pets

CleanHouse Pets

This pro-grade clipper by Clean House Pets sports has a set of stainless steel frames with a very comfortable grip. The tool is also fitted with an easy to use safety guard, making it apt for pet owners to use without any training what-so-ever.

The mechanism is also fitted with a built-in safety switch, keeping both the pet and owner safe during use.

This nail clipper is well-priced, so you get a good quality product and value for money. This design is suitable for pets right from large dogs to small cats or even bunny rabbits. There are two different sizes available that fit all your requirements.

The ergonomic design also looks very appealing to the users. So get this one of the best dog nail trimmer right away for the best dog nail grooming experience.


  • Easy to use
  • Stopper Functionality
  • Sharp and Accurate
  • Firm Grip


  • Lock might pose some problem while clipping

6. GoPets


Dog nail clipping, trimming, and cutting has now been made a very effortless and painless experience by the all-new nail clipper design by Go Pets. Made with precision cutting 3.5mm thick stainless steel, this design is perfect for small dogs and cats as well.

The ergonomic design of the clippers reduces injury risk by a great percentage and gives you a worry-free nail clipping experience. The added quick sensor safety guard feature keeps you from over cutting the nail into the vein region of your pet’s nail.

The aesthetics of the clippers are comfortable and offer a better grip.So, if you are looking for the best dog nail clippers with sensor, invest in pet nail clippers by GoPets.


  • Easy to Use
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Painless Blades
  • Quick safety sensor


  • Clipper Gets Locked

7. H&H Pets

H&H Pets

H&H brings most essential pet grooming tools to you with a very ergonomic and simplistic design. This nail clipper has been modelled much similar to the grip of scissors, allowing anyone to hold it with ease and cut pet nails with the least pressure.

This nail clipper is made from hypoallergenic stainless steel. The blade is highly durable and gives your pet allergy-free manicures. Featuring an anti-slip coat on the handle, this nail clipper by H&H is very comfortable to grip and prevents any injury. The fact that it is lightweight and highly efficient is proof enough that it is the best dog nail clipper.


  • Consistent Precision Cuts
  • Smooth Cuts
  • Larger Grip Hole
  • Comfortable Grip


  • Thick Clip Obstructs Vision

8. Hawatour


Are you looking for the best nail clipper for your dog, then you must choose this one by Hawatour. It is made with a sleek and ergonomic design; this nail clipper for dogs by Hawatour is definitely one you will want in your pet grooming kit.

The sharp blade edges give out a gentle squeeze to the nail cutting experience. The tough spring action gives quick and precise cutting.

The trimming and clipping actions are rendered effortless and made faster by this design. The cutting is also made smoother and avoids any possible damage to the nails as well as your furniture or the floors.

This nail clipper has been specially designed for smaller pets. You can use this clipper for cutting nails of cats and dogs. For additional safety, this nail clipper comes with a safety lock mechanism. This prevents the over-cutting of nails.

To aid easy cut, this nail clipper comes with ergonomic design, and it comes anti-slip grip, which allows easy cutting of nails.


  • Low Price
  • Sturdy Build
  • Quick Function
  • Simple and Elegant


  • Nail guard may get in the way of cutting

9. Shiny Pet

Shiny Pet

Shiny Pet is a highly established brand of pet grooming tools and devices, elevating the style and method of grooming pets. This pet nail clipper is specifically designed to suit large to medium breed of dogs. The straight blade is crafted using high-grade stainless steel, featuring a safety guard that prevents any trimming injury.

The company has taken special care to ensure that this nail clipper offers a perfect grip. A rubberized grip gives you a firm hold as you trim or clip your pet’s nails or claws and prevent the tool from slipping during use. The ergonomic design is also aesthetically pleasing and presents a safety locking at the bottom to store the clipper safely when not in use.


  • Comfortable Grip
  • Accurate Cutting
  • Sturdy Build
  • Low Price


  • Lock Obstructs During Clipping

10. Iokheira


If you are looking for the best quality nail clipper, then you must invest in this one. This nail clipper by Iokheria is made using cutting edge technology an ergonomic design. With powerful strokes pumped into its spring load, the clipper is easy to use and applies sufficient pressure for simple quick strokes at the nails.

Rubber grip on the handles makes it easy to hold and use. Being lightweight in nature, this trimmer can be used without any extra pressure and without causing any injury too. Added safety lock features make the device safe for all users and easy to store when not in use.

The sharp 3.5mm powerful blades are made of pure stainless steel, rendering the clipping a smoother and stress-free experience. This special offer also includes a unique nail filer by Iokheria, helping you buff up your pet’s nails in a jiffy, be it cats, dogs, rabbits, or even birds. Get this best dog nail clipper with sensor to make your dog’s manicure a super experience.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Anti-Slip Grip
  • Lightweight components
  • Blade Block Feature


  • Block feature obstructs the view of nails

Now that you have read about the top 10 best dog nail clippers available to you in the online market, you must also learn about the various factors that make or break a top-quality nail clipper or trimmer for dogs as well as other pet animals. After all, good hygiene and grooming define the health and mental conditions of our pets.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Dog Nail Clippers

There are five main aspects to look out for when buying grooming products for your pets. After all, their good health is as important as yours. Here are the five main basic features you will need to look out for when reviewing or looking at the best nail clippers for dogs.

1. Blade Quality

The primary aspect that one needs to look for in a dog or any pet nail clipper is the quality of the blade. The quality of the steel used in making the blade needs to be stainless steel in nature, rendering it sharp and rust-free, leaving it safe for nail trimming.

The sharpness of the blade will determine the cut applied on your pet’s nail. The sharper the blade, the cleaner and painless the cuts are on the nails or claws. Choosing dull trimmers are a hazard as they can easily risk rushing the nail of your pet as you attempt to cut or trim.

The best dog clippers should have the perfect amount of blade sharpness and high-grade stainless steel, along with any other feature that may enhance the quality of the blade to keep it fresh and safe or a long duration of use.

2. Comfort Factor

Since you will be using the clipper to cut or trim your pet’s nails or claws, it is essential that you look into the comfort aspect of the clipper or trimmer’s handle. Look out for rubberized grip or handles that sport an anti-slip grip. This will help you to hold the clipper with ease as you groom your pet’s nails. What we mean here is that you must choose a well-designed and easy to use the clipper.

Moreover, it will prevent you from sustaining any calluses or stiffness in fingers from holding the nail clippers for a long duration. Choosing larger and longer handles will prove more helpful and add leverage to cut through your pet’s nails with ease.

3. Model Style

There is a large variety of pet nail clippers and trimmers available in the market, with different designs to suit your varied needs and purposes. While picking out a nail clipper for your pet, ensure you choose the style that best supports your grip and leaves you comfortable while trimming your pet’s nails.

There are different designs which offer complete comfort to the user and the dog:

  • Scissors model- This model of nail clippers can seem the least aggressive as the hold is quite familiar with everyone who uses the household product.
  • Guillotine design- This kind of trimmers only needs one swift motion once you place your pet’s nail inside the clipper hole.

If your pet dislikes the idea of chopping or clipping off their nails, you could look into alternative ideas like the grinder. Although this model can produce noise and vibration to a large extent, which you may have to overcome to use the tool.

4. Clipper Size

Getting the right size of nail clippers for your pet is a very important factor, which will determine the functionality of the product on your pet. Not only does it decide the operational factor, but it also decides the safety feature of the tool to a great extent.

If you are looking for nail clippers for small pups, then you must invest in small-sized trimmers are essentially meant, whereas larger clippers are better suited for larger dogs due to the extra force required to clip their hard sturdy nails.

Using a large clipper on your small dog can essentially cut off their quick, leaving their nail bleeding and make you rush for first-aid. Using a small clipper on a larger dog can leave the nail unclean or unevenly cut or make your pet fidgety and uncomfortable. So choose the best dog nail clippers with huge caution to the sizein order to keep the grooming experience pleasant and memorable.

5. Safety Aspect

There are many reasons why you must look-out for safety features in your dog’s nail clipper. Although it is a life-saving feature to amateur pet groomers, having a quick stop feature on the nail clipper prevents you from cutting the nail beyond the quick or sense if you have cut your pet’s nail too short.

Some clippers offer a safety lock feature that locks the blade when not in use. This allows you to store the clippers in a safe mode when not in use, preventing any accidents or injuries to kids or unmonitored damages.

Now that you know how to look for the best features in a nail clipper for pets, you can simply look-out for these key features and choose accordingly. Say goodbye to painful and tiresome nail clipping, give your pet the most soothing manicure they deserve.

Tips To Make Dog Nail Clipping A Nice Experience

Be it an amateur, novice, or even an expert pet groomer, following these following pointers will allow your pet to have a memorable experience when it comes to nail grooming and also help them cooperate with you during the entire process.

1. Introduce pet grooming- Familiarize your pet with nail trimming right from a young age, as this will help them recognize the activity as a routine task, rather than a frightening or repulsive activity.

2. Hold them gently- Hold your pet’s paws for a while, allowing them to feel comfortable in your grip and get used to this stance before you introduce them to the nail clippers. Get close to their feet and nails in such a manner that when you introduce the clippers, they appear from a closed position and are not noticed by your pup.

3. Praise your pet – Positive reinforcement always works wonders with pets as well as people. So appreciate your pet and praise them, even offer them a treat for cooperating with you during the process of this placebo experience.

4. Make it a routine- Repeat the nail holding exercise several times before you stop and proceed to introduce the nail clippers.

5. Introducing nail clippers- The next step is to gradually introduce your pet to the nail clipper sound as you pop them open and click them while holding their paw and nail in position. This will allow your dog or pet to get used to the sound and the stance without fretting or fidgeting during the process.

Apply positive reinforcement and reward them for not dodging while hearing the noise. Next you need to repeat this procedure several times until you are sure that they are comfortable and ready to proceed to the nail clipping experience.

Once your pet is familiar with this routine, you can use the best nail clipper for dogs to groom your pet and give them a fine manicuring experience.

All You Need To Know About The ‘Quick’

There is a major aspect you will need to familiarize yourself with before approaching your pet’s nails or even thinking about grooming any pet’s nail. Most pets with light nails will have a proper visible pink region, referred to as the quick.

What is quick? The quick is the portion of your pet’s nail that accommodates a blood vessel and a nerve. So cutting through this portion of their nail can cause pain and lead to mild bleeding. Hence, you must be careful while clipping the nails.

In larger dogs, it is harder to notice the quick as their nails get darker and hide the quick area. To identify this area, lift your dog’s paw and look head-on at the centre portion of the unclipped nail.

If you notice a dark circle at the centre, it is indicative of the beginning of the quick of the nail. Do not cut any further as this will lead to damage in the nails and cause your pet a lot of pain.

If you do not see the circle in the centre, cut off the nail at a 45-degree angle and recheck for any exposed centre-circle. As an alternate, you could also look at your dog’s paw from the side profile and notice where the nail gets thicker. This would be the spot where the quick begins.

What do you do if you cut your dog’s nail at the quick? If you do accidentally cut your dog’s nail at the quick, immediately apply styptic powder to stop the bleeding.

If you do not have any styptic powder, do not be alarmed, the nail will bleed for a while but will eventually stop. Comfort and reassure your dog during this time and make them feel at ease.

Various Types Of Nail Clippers For Dogs Available In The Market

There are basically three types of dog nail clippers available in the market. Model variations are designed around these concepts to make more ergonomic designs of the best dog nail trimmers for homeusers as well as professional pet groomers.

Scissors Style

The scissors style is fashioned after the regular scissors that we use at home for other cutting purposes. This is to ensure a sense of comfort and familiarity as you approach to clip or trim your pet’s nails.

These scissor styled clippers can be found in varying sizes to suit your pet’s nail grooming needs. But the angle of use of this type of dog nail clippers can cause the blades to become dull over time and thus require you to sharpen them from time to time.

This style of nail clippers comes with a quick guard, which helps you prevent cutting and damaging the quick. Besides, these are ideal for large-sized dogs.

Guillotine Style

This style of nail clippershelps in slicing off the end of the nail. This is a popular nail clipper amongst those who have medium-sized dogs like beagles. To use this, you need to place the end of your dog’s nail through the ring and squeeze the handle. Although these are popular nail clippers, it is recommended for experienced users.

The only liable nature of this tool is the angle of use, which obstructs the vision of your dog nails as you clip them. Once again, choosing the model that is right for your dog size is essential for a comfortable nail clipping experience for both the dog and its owner.

Grinder Style

As the name speaks for itself, the grinder tool acts much like a grinder and grinds down the nail rather than chop or clip them off. Acting more on electronic power rather than manual force, this tool is intended to gently and painlessly trim your dog’s nails.

The only drawback is the repulsive sound made by the device as it grinds the nails. Keeping your pet in check and making them comfortable with the sound is essential to giving them a good nail grooming experience.

Now you know about the different categories of nail clippers available in the market. But there are several users who have faced a similar set of problems when it comes to using the best large dog nail clippers. Here are the top five questions that we have gathered and answered for you.

FAQs on Dog Nail Clippers 

1. How Do I Choose The Right Clipper Size For My Pet?

If you are going out to purchase nail clippers, then you have to consider the size of the pet. Based on it, the size of the nail clipper will vary. The optimum size of nail clippers available in the market are:

  • Tiny- Suitable for pets that are 10lbs and under in weight. This is the right choice since your small pets will have a more fragile and lighter nail to cut through.
  • Small or Medium – Pets with nail size smaller than a size 2 Pencil, or weighing between 10-50lbs can use this variation of clippers. The nail thickness would be a medium level of thickness, calling for tougher and yet cautious cutting for your pet.
  • Large – Larger pets or those that weigh over 50lbs have a tougher set of nails and will require heavy-duty clippers to get through their hard nails.

2. Which Type Of Clippers Is Recommended For Dogs?

There is no particular recommendation of clippers, as this solely lies in the comfort of use. Each style of clipper offers a different salient feature, making it useful in different ways to the groomer and the pet. So, be it a guillotine style or a scissors style, choose the clipper both you and your pet are most comfortable with.

3. Is A Special Nail Clipper Essential For Pets?

Animal nails are as fragile as human nails and need to be treated with the same level of caution and care. Human clippers are intended to cut a more fragile set of nails that are unsuited and not strong or sturdy enough to trim dog nails.

Dog nails have a quick nerve that needs to be avoided while clipping or trimming nails. Special nail clippers or trimmers allow you to use caution while grooming your pet’s nails. Using the apt size and recommended sharpness or force for your pet category, you may give your dog a soothing manicure.

4. Do Professional Nail Clippers Differ From Regular Nail Clippers?

Though there isn’t any difference per se in the varieties of nail clippers available, in terms of professionalism, professionals are well versed in the art of animal nail grooming and mostly use the same nail clippers as marketed to pet owners. There is no specific best dog nail clipper that is designed for professionals. Using a durable and sturdy clipper suggested for your pet.

5. How Often Do We Trim A Dog’s Nails?

Each dog grows at a different pace, and grooming their nails also depends on how short you would like to maintain their nails. Observe the growth of your dog’s nails and look out for their length. As a general rule, try to manicure your dog’s nails every month at the least. You must make dog grooming a routine. It helps them get acquainted with nail cutting, thus saving you from unnecessary hassle.

Give Your Dog The Best Nail Trimming Experience

Grooming is essential for animals as it is for humans. It plays a vital role in keeping them in good health and comfortable. Trimming dog nails is an important part of their grooming as discussed here. Giving your dog a comfortable experience when it comes to nail trimming is your duty as an owner or as a professional pet groomer.

So choose the right nail clipper and treat your pet with care and love. After all, dogs are a man’s best companion. The information in this article will certainly help you choose the best one for your loving dog.

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